Is there a coup on?

There is a narrative building about Phil Goff’s leadership.

From the Dompost:

But one senior source indicated that though Hughes was clear that he had done nothing wrong and the party’s hierarchy were standing by him during the investigation, his future was likely to be reviewed once it was completed.

Another senior source said the issue was a major test for Phil Goff’s leadership, and it was inevitable that he would have to consider Hughes’s future regardless of what the police decided.

“This is an issue that Phil will have to lead on and he’ll have to take those decisions and take them promptly.”

Some Labour figures have said privately that they do not think Hughes can survive the controversy.

RNZ this morning:

Sources within the Labour Party have told Radio New Zealand News there have been previous occasions when his private activities have caused concern and his judgement is now under question.

RNZ yesterday:

QUESTION:  Is this the first time he’s been involved in an incident like this?

PHIL GOFF:  It’s the first time I understand that there’s been any complaint laid against him yes.

Phil Goff is being white-anted. He is helping himself by using obfuscation and weasel words. It is made worse by his failure to hold his own MPs to the same standards he demands of John Key.




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  • paulus12

    Weather expected to be good in Auckland Sunday – must be time for a BBQ finally.

  • giblet

    Would love to see the exchange of text messages between Hughes and Chris Carter …..

    Chris: “But Darren, they are only attacking you because you are still inside the closet .”

  • otagodave

    The problem for labour with people like me as “education spocksman” had an incident with an 18yr old. Male or female he should have run a mile.

  • otagodave

    The thing is I decide the govt, i am a swing voter. Not a convert to any and have always voted thus ie the unknown 10%

  • sthnjeff


  • peterwn

    I do not want Phil to go – I have just ‘shorted’ him on ipredict (ie I win if he stays).

  • cadwallader

    Does Full-Moon still have a paying tenant?

  • tooright

    Has Full Moon disclosed the nature of her financial arrangements with a member (if you’ll pardon the poor pun)

    • cadwallader

      Tooright: I am sure Full-Moon is gobbling up the member’s perks! (That’s unless she’s too old and not of the apt persuasion.)

  • tooright

    Notice Goff’s elision when asked “Is this the first time he’s been involved in an inci­dent like this?” on Radio NZ

    Goff said “It’s the first time I under­stand that there’s been any com­plaint laid against him yes.”

    The elision being to supplant the question of “incident” with the answer “complaint.

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    Readers of Whale know there have been similar sounding incidents with Mr Hughes before – see here

  • tooright

    I guess it slipped my gimlet gaze in the first couple of rounds, BUT, Hughes is/was the Labour Education spokesperson.

    Whatever the circumstances and explanations to come Goff and King judged that “allegations of a sexual nature with an 18 year old student following a drinking session” (all facts there seems to be no dispute about) were not considered serious enough for Goff to demand Hughes stand down while investigations were made. That is breathtakingly arrogant or unbelievably stupid.

  • tooright

    Notice the elision in Goff’s inerview with RNZ.

    To the question: “Is this the first time he’s been involved in an inci­dent like this?”

    Goff answers: “It’s the first time I under­stand that there’s been any com­plaint laid against him yes.”

    The elision by the slippery Mr Goff, being to supplant the question about an incident, with an answer about a complaint.

    The answer is actually buried with Whale’s vast archive – here we can see the form of Mr Hughes

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  • norbert

    no coup apparently. thank god Goff doesn’t fall on his sword JUST because the right think he should….Goff aint going anywhere any time soon it seems…but I would like to suggest a great replacement for him if and when he does go….WINNIE LABAN! saw a Tv program about her the other day and was very impressed! can really see her as a future Labour PM, she has a great AURA about her, cool dame or what??