It just got a whole lot worse for Goff

Matters just got a whole lot worse for Darren Hughes, Annette King and Phil Goff.

Fresh details have emerged about the early morning incident involving Labour’s Darren Hughes with an eyewitness saying he saw a naked youngster near the MP’s home.

Hughes stood down from his portfolios yesterday and is under police investigation as detectives piece together the early morning events of March 2.

A university student, who is also a former youth MP, has lodged a complaint with police which is of a sexual nature.

The boy had been drinking in central Wellington with Hughes and returned to his home.

It has been previously reported that the complainant left the home of Labour deputy leader Annette King, where Hughes is a boarder, and waved down a police car.

But until now it has been unclear what state the boy was in when he spoke to officers.

Several staff at a central Wellington business have said that a young man was spotted by the company’s owner around 4.30am on March 2 near Moxham Ave and the south end of the Mount Victoria tunnel.

The man was heading to work with a truck load of supplies.

“He was completely naked and was covering his penis with his hand,” the staff member said.

“It looked like he was hitchhiking or waiting for a ride, he didn’t look in a good way.”

The witness saw a police car with its lights flashing coming through the tunnel from the city.

Because police were heading towards the naked teenager the business owner did not stop to give assistance.

Phil Goff has been very economical with what he knew when. There is the missing week in Phil Goff’s timeline and now with this revelation it appears that the situation is a whole lot worse than many on the left have been trying to spin. John Armstrong thinks Goff is gone for all money too. He doesn’t explicitly say it but his article but that is the tone of the article.

David Farrar also looks at the role of the Goffice and whether or not they lied to the media.

Labour’s problems don’t go away this weekend either, Otaki has its AGM this weekend where they were expected to confirm Darren Hughes as the candidate.

The blood is going to start to flow.




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  • grizz

    OK, how did this play out? Why did the young victim run outside naked?

    Did he strip willingly and was alarmed when DH did not play it straight (so to speak)?

    Did he pass out and woke up to find DH undressing and having his way with him?

    Whatever happened, it would seem the young man went willingly to DH’s house. When he got their, he was subjected to more than what he bargained for. Unless Darren and the inner circle of the Party leadership come clean as to what really happened, this is going to spin out of control, if it has not already.

  • fromage

    What is all the fuss here. Since the release of the movie “Old School” it has become de rigeuer to emulate Will Ferrells character “Frank the Tank” and round down the street naked. What the business owner didn’t hear was the young chap yelling “I’m streaking, Woo Hoo”

    Nothing but harmless University high jinx.

    Here you go Fran try this spin.

    • grizz

      It would be a nice try, but the truck driver did not see willing exhibitionist behaviour. However if he did, it still would be a bad look if an MP was associated with such behaviour.

      I have to say it is a gift for the National party. It distracted attention to the controversial F&S Bill and a mediocre GDP figure.

  • grantmichaelmckenna

    Ockham’s razor suggests that Phil Goff is a National Party mole.

  • michaels

    It’s getting fucking funnier and funnier by the minute :)

    I think if I was Phil I’d……. hang on, I don’t want to think that.

    Phil should come clean on all he knows, fuck Darren (no pun funny people) and tell all.

  • mickrodge

    Maybe the young fella went back expecting a little horizontal mambo with Helen’s red headed stepson but got spooked when Annette tried to join in?

    The prosecution rests your honour.

    • devlsadvocate

      Thats actually a realistic scenario, because it depends heavily on one thing we know to be true…

      …nothing EVER gets better when Annette King joins in…

  • daveg

    Gee, poor kid. If I saw a naked person (male or female) looking distressed and running down the street, I would have to assume somebody HAD done something wrong to the poor bugger, contrary to recent statements form the accused. This gets seedier by the minute. Hughes is a dead man walking……as are the Labour Party. Even Chairman Helen couldn’t get him out of this.

  • fromage

    Lastest news is that another eye witness saw a Gerbil, with a fine covering of ginger pubic hair, running wild down Moxam Ave at the same time the naked teen was spotted.

    I think a story is emerging here.

  • oddityfan

    I think its a bit sad, one of the few half decent people in that party has ruined their career and when one falls down, another takes their place, but there is no guarantee they will be of the same quality.

    I’ve been wondering for a couple of days why an 18yo would make a complaint. Now I’m wondering why a young guy would bolt out the door with no clothes on. I cant help but wonder if someone slipped him something during the night. May not have been Darren.

    It would have to be something of this magnitude to warrant a police investigation.

    • michaels

      Slipped him or do you mean slipped in?

  • oddityfan

    all joking innuendos aside, it’s a police investigation and wouldn’t still be on going unless there was some reasonable grounds for non consent, and I’m not talking about post coital guilt. It would have to be bigger than that to tip the scales.

  • Doug

    How long does a DNA test take these days?

  • axeman
  • grizz

    Lets take it a step further. What if there is the real possibility that criminal charges are laid and Hughes has to answer his case in court. Will the Labour party still be sticking up for him or will they try to alienate themselves from him?

    • michaels

      What do you think Grizz?
      Have any of their members ever done wrong?
      Taito was just helping :)

      Actually Taito could potentially get a new room mate out of this.

      • fromage

        If that happened all the interest would move from Taito’s roof to his back door

  • sandynobb

    And what items did the Police seize from King’s residence? – computers, date rape drugs, the ‘chief whip’, etc., perchance?

  • oddityfan

    Good q sandy. LOL re Chief Whip, very good

  • thehoff

    Funny how nudity changes everything.

  • Doug

    Note how Stuff has changed the article they now call him a Man not a Youngster or Teenager. I wonder if Labour has put pressure on the MSM?

  • thehoff

    To be fair, we could all be overreacting here, and this might be nothing more than a classic case of clothing theft resulting from a harmless mistake over the ownership of the clothes.

    Or it could be as simple as Darren’s pet locust swarm consumed the poor lads clothes and so he ran from the house looking for the nearest body of water to dive into for relief from the locusts.

    There are plenty of totally innocent reasons why a nude young male would be fleeing from the home of an MP and seeking the police in the early hours of the morning.

  • greenhitheboy

    I hope the cops made him spit evidence out before he swallowed the evidence. I wonder if the first word he spoke was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr after being stopped by the cops.

  • greenhitheboy

    DH is a big pisshead if the colour of his face is anything to go by. Bright red faces are a symptom of alcoholism. Bet his nose will be blue by 40, with the possible odd exception of it being brown.
    I also wonder if Peter Davis vetted him before he bacame Uncle Helen’s handbag carrier.

    • johnqpublic

      Bright red faces are a symptom of Gingery.

      • johnqpublic

        ..and he’s probably looking even more red faced now.

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  • jmac

    Meanwhile, over at Kiwiblog, Penny Bright is comparing this to poor Winston and the SFO back, an obvious mean-spirited attack to keep him out of parliament. She also calls for an MP code of conduct.

    You’d think MP’s could work out that anything that results in a police case is crossing a line.

  • cadwallader

    Dirty Darren has really BUGGERED UP his future!

    The good part is that should Goof be revealed as having lied about this, he and Full Moon are history too.

  • whafe

    Fuck Goff, Seedy Hughes, Mzzzzzz King and the joke of a Labour Party…

    You are all a disgrace, you make me puke….

    At 5.20 in the AM this morning, there was this idiot on ZB saying how Goff was going forward, making ground etc etc, it was a Fing joke, cant believe there are still types out there that would be saying this tripe…