It's Darren

Darren Hughes has revealed that the Labour MP under investigation is him.

List MP Darren Hughes has confirmed he is the senior MP at the centre of a police investigation.

Labour MPs closed ranks last night and refused to comment about allegations that police were investigating an incident involving a senior Labour MP. understands the complainant was an 18-year-old male who has had links to Labour. It relates to a late-night incident last week.

In a statement this morning, Hughes said he was aware of the complaint made to police and had done nothing wrong.

He is understood to have taken leave from Parliament and was not at his usual address this morning.

Police last night refused to comment and were still not commenting this morning.

Hughes said he was revealing his own name because it was unfair that his colleagues should be subject to speculation and suspicion.

Good on Darren for not allowing idle speculation to cast aspersions on other MPs. However it remains to be seen whether or not he can sustain his assurances that he has done nothing wrong given the nature of the allegations.



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  • What are the nature of the allegations? The mind boggles. : /

  • Doug

    Will the Son of Helen be offered a Job in New York?

  • michaels

    Credit where credits due for him outing himself. However, “a late night crisis meeting”? This is where they would have sat back on gone, ok guys, we fucked up on backing Field, we fucked up backing Winston, now what do we do here? So darren had to come clean.
    Now I’m looking forward to the detail :)

    • Me too. This could get juicy by the sounds of things!

  • giblet

    He would have picked his words carefully.

    He said he “had done nothing wrong”. He did not say he “had done nothing”.

    He has done something, but whatever it is, he is only saying is that it is not wrong.

  • mickrodge

    Does Darren eat his sandwiches in the Rainbow Room at Parliament?

  • middleagedwhiteguy


    on Dec24 2009, you told us about an attempted tryst with Hughes and an 18 year old male ACT party staffer. Can you get in contact with this staffer?

  • middleagedwhiteguy
  • middleagedwhiteguy
  • giblet

    18 year-olds should still be at school or do a trade, not working in political parties.

    • abjv

      Premature comment. We do not know what trade (or profession) the 18-y-o might be in.

  • peterwn

    I will stick my neck out and speculate that it involves alleged sexual violation / assault and ‘consent’ would be the issue – it cannot be other things – the complainant is over 18 and it is misleading IMO for the media to call him a ‘teenager’. There is a significant probability IMO that he will not be charged with anything let alone convicted. If I were in John Key’s shoes I would not make a fuss about it at this stage and tell Caucus to do likewise. I would have no problem with Labour biding its time on this one until things become much clearer. If not sorted before the election, IMO all parties should try and agree not to make it an election issue.

    A bet on i-predict that Judith Tizard will not enter Parliament because of a list vacancy may well be money wisely invested.

  • stroker08

    You can be no surer that George Michael putting out in a London glory hole that Labour will insist that this “Labour linked” 18 year-old is none other than some Young National member who had infiltrated their ranks to entrap Hughes.

  • Doug

    LATEST: Labour leader Phil Goff has blamed the ”Beehive” for leaking details about a police investigation into an incident involving high-ranking MP Darren Hughes.

    However Prime Minister John Key quickly rejected Goff’s claim, saying he’d heard rumours a few days ago but ”there are always rumours around Parliament”.

  • And Goff now admits knowing about this for two weeks, after earlier denying all knowledge of the alleged incident to journalists. Isn’t that what’s known as lying?

  • liberty

    Which camp is Darren in?
    Goffs or Carters 17
    The leak might have more to do with internal strife within the labour party.

  • michaels

    That damn “Beehive” has a big mouth.
    And Invt2, what on earth are you trying to suggest? Surely not that a Labour Leader would tell……… fibs??? Interesting.

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