Labour Caucus losing faith in Phil Goff?

After the inconsistencies of the last few days by Phil Goff, see here and here, it would appear that Goff is running counter to his own party’s wishes.

He ruled out Hone Harawira yesterday, despite previously saying that it was “arrogant” for John Key to rule out someone before the election.

Now, it appears that his decision was counter to Labour Caucus rules, and that they had no discussion about it.

3NEWS reports:

“Some Labour MPs say their leader Phil Goff has just broken the rules of his own caucus.

Goff has decided to rule out working with Independent MP Hone Harawira after the next election, despite caucus voting all options were to be kept open.”

This is not the kind of news coverage that Phil would have been hoping for. He is being pulled up for his inconsistencies and also being caught out railroading his own party’s rules to try and get media coverage.

When you start having your own caucus saying that you have broken the agreement you have had you know that you are in trouble.

“Many in Goff’s caucus had told 3 News that Labour’s position was not to rule out anybody. Goff denies that.”

Can we believe Goff though? Remember he changes his mind so much that he will probably come out in a few weeks time and say that his caucus did agree to that and that he was doing it for the good of the party.

On the Harawira decision, that MP told 3 News:

“I was really surprised, I thought caucus had agreed not to rule anyone out. I saw last night Phil changed that. Weird.”

Goff has now pissed of his own party as well as left wing bloggers like Imperator Fish, who thinks that Phil Goff is a tosser and looking at whether to even vote Labour now.

He is trying desperately for some sort of relevance to the rest of the world other than his own little world. Only thing is that all he is doing is further proving that he is not worth having as a Prime Minister and not even capable of being leader of an opposition. Why would we want someone like him as Prime Minister? His views would change daily and he would probably go against his cabinet anyway if this latest example is anything to go by.

Phil had better start watching his back, I think I can hear the sound of knives sharpening.

In fact, I hear that there may be a Labour Party BBQ coming up at Cunnliffe’s palatial Herne Bay mansion.

Labour’s election plans are so hopeless next thing they will be selecting Charlie Sheen to front their campaign.


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  • cadwallader

    Last night Goof was telling John Key to state that CHCH’s WRC games were off! This idiot has spent far too much time playing with himself to appreciate that major sport requires resolution from its directors before it can make decisions. He is a typical mindless leftie who thinks government does/should run everything. The affairs of the IRB constitute private enterprise, Phil. Please try to understand!

  • gaskranken

    We can put Goof-E out of his misery right now by referring to him from this point on as the John Kerry of nz politcs and he’s up against someone a lot more popular and smarter than dubbya.

  • gravedodger

    Charley Sheen, now that would sew up the boozy, druggie, hedonist vote, hang on thats a problem?