Len chooses "other people"

In a great voting winning strategy Len Brown has decided to tax the crap out of private transport, meaning only the wealthy will be able to afford to drive. he has many nefarious schemes to do this including congestion charges, taxes on private transport, regional fuel taxes and perhaps most nefarious of all he will stop funding roads.

The Auckland Council’s spatial plan proposes funding public transport improvements with congestion charges, network access charges, a regional fuel tax and levies on private parking spaces.

Sure, this will win him a lot of votes in the chardonnay socialist parts of central auckland but will cost him a lot in his power base of South Auckland.


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  • Doug

    Whale get with the program no cut back on Road Funding Fuel Tax levy or Congestion Charges in South Auckland.

  • tonyjoe

    Len’s a wanker!

    And regarding the previous comment – punctuation please, then I might understand what the hell you’re on about.

  • jmac

    Regional fuel tax?
    You cannot be serious.

    And in other news… Len released a pic of him holding a smaller version of his Tui billboard. Trying to swing it as good press once again. The mind boggles.