Maths isn't her strong point

Sue Kedgley is a classic “other?person”. She tells people to catch?the?bus but doesn’t catch one herself. Now it turns out she isn’t too crash hot at maths either.

Green Party MP Sue Kedgley is calling for the Commerce Commission to investigate how retail dairy prices are set in New Zealand.

Kedgley says the Ministry of Agriculture’s review of the domestic milk market, ordered by Agriculture Minister David Carter last month in response to public anger over rising milk prices,? comes close to being a “complete whitewash”.

The ministry’s report said it could not comment on whether there was sufficient competition in the domestic market because it did not have the powers to investigate.

It said current law governing the dairy industry promoted competition, but did not ensure it.

Kedgley says the report failed to address the central issue of lack of competition in the domestic market.

“It doesn’t tell us how the price of milk is set. Farmers say they receive less than 30 per cent of the price of milk, but it fails to shed any light on what makes up the other 60 per cent,” she says.

“These are all valid questions and it’s time that we had some transparency into how domestic prices are set, and some asurance that supermarkets, or Fonterra, are not putting exhorbitant mark-ups on milk.”

Not only does she fail basic arithmetic, she also demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of the mechanics of how a raw product gets into the plastic bottle and onto the supermarket shelves.