More confusion in Labour's ranks

Labour are at sixes and sevens dealing with the fallout from the Hughes affair. Andrew Little helps sow the seeds of confusion.

Little confirmed that Hughes had also resigned as Labour’s candidate for Otaki – though electorate chairwoman Jan Nimmo said she had not been informed.

Little said the party’s national council would discuss reopening nominations for the seat when it meets this weekend.

In the same story there’s another contradiction/movement/position from Phil Goff. Why does he always have thre or four positions on anything?

Labour leader Phil Goff says it would be very hard for Darren Hughes to return as an MP at this election if he is cleared by a police investigation into a sex complaint. Goff said the events leading to Hughes’ resignation from Parliament raised questions about Hughes’ judgment and he could not come back “in the short-term”.

However…on Radio Wammo Goff said Hughes could be back if he was cleared (whole interview at

Excerpt here:

Goff on Hughes return by whaleoil


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  • whafe

    Oh Phil Oh Phil Oh Phil…..

    You and your party are an embarrassment to politics, no wonder so few take part and follow it….

    Have a total clean out, the Labour party as a whole could not organise a piss up in a brewery….

  • whalewatcher

    I just heard Little being interviewed on NewstalkZB by Larry Williams

    Little sounded like a second-rate union delegate with too many ‘no comments’.
    What he did NOT sound like was the leader of a political party

    Very unimpressive

    • whafe

      Doesn’t surprise me at all WW. I mean for fucks sake, who would be interested in listening to some pinko union peep… Labour you are onto a GREAT thing, Little would be your perfect next leader… LMFAO

  • titanuranus

    Comedy gold,so did Goff actually finish a degree in political science?
    If he did ,perhaps the Uni should reevaluate his papers , see if he actually wrote them or just copied Helens.

  • thor42

    If the article on Stuff is accurate, it sounds as if the Labour caucus are backing Goof. Goodness knows why.
    Maybe they can see what everyone else can – that there is simply no-one else.
    That Labour has as much talent as Paris Hilton has virginity.
    Anyway, if they *are* actually backing Goof, that is *great* news for the Nats!
    Nothing like having a cardboard cutout as the leader of the opposing party in an election.

  • sthnjeff

    I thnink the problem for Labour Aspirants to the leaders job is that this whole thing blew up about two months early. With eight months to go to the election, the memory of this will fade and people will forget what a rabble labour are. The new leader would be collared with some of the blame for an election loss. If it happened a little closer say 5 months out, I think Goof would have been rolled by now. The new leader could have proclaimed ” we got trounced, but look at the rabble I inherited, what else could you expect”