National Party Selection Update: Coromandel

Rumours of a high profile party official running in Coromandel are true, with long time Whaleoil friend and former regional chair and party board member Scott Simpson putting his name forward. Word through from the tip line suggests Scott was badly bruised in Rodney, and has decided that with the removal of regional delegates from Rodney he is trying somewhere else.

iPredict seems to know something, with Scott being sold down to 7 cents.

Others in Coromandel are Heather Tanner (a school teacher, FFS!), Megan Campbell and Brian Sharp (architect and former TCDC councillor). A detailed post will follow when more information is know about all of these, with the early word out of the electorate that sitting MP Sandra Goudie seems to be heavily involved.

Knowing Sandra, this could be a positive or a negative depending on which side of bed Sandra has got out of on any given day. The smart money is favouring Sandra staying in bed, and probably in bed somewhere on the other side of the world until after selection.

The tipline has also run hot with the calls about National’s campaign training day on Saturday. Someone needs to be held to account for the disconnect between selection and campaign training, as there are still many seats without candidates. This blog has pointed out that the President and the Campaign Manager have been negligent in not having selection complete by now. Labour have had their candidates ready for months and it is not as if it is a surprise there is going to be an election in 2011.

On a positive note the campaign day includes Hekia Parata talking about running a strong campaign, based on her success in the Mana by-election. This blog is predicting Hekia will win the seat of Mana on November the 26th, especially as Kris McFa’afoi appears to be MIA cleaning up his own domestic issues.


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  • naylor

    Question for you Whale; Didn’t that guy Scott Simpson try and stand for election in Tamaki and Alan Peachy won. Didn’t he recently try and stand for Botany as well? Didn’t he try again for Rodney and fucked that up rightly by trying to stack the vote (whoops once again) and now is shopping his wares on the poor people of Coromandel?

    Which part of not being electable doesn’t this guy get?

    • No he didn’t try to stand in Botany, though one wonders why he didn’t given his now apparent electorate shopping.

  • brucewho

    If Scott misses out in Coro does that make him the Nats’ Phil Twyford

    • abjv

      or another Maggie Barry?

  • jmacaca

    Whale, my tip-line informs me Scott is still a candidate in the Rodney! Say it ain’t so. Is this even allowed being a candidate in two electorates at once? Where is his loyalty, as this will devastate his supporters in Rodney. I for one am gutted if it is true! He is now being seen as a serial candidate, and serial looser. I am surprised you have not picked up on this and lambasted him as you would any other candidate? Don’t tell me you are getting sloppy?
    The other rumor doing the rounds (more “out there” rumor) suggest that you and your blog are now partly funded by Iraq oil money (some say blood money), as a certain candidate with middle east connections has you working as part of his large spin team, including the Herald? Say it ain’t so – surely you are above being bought to favor and promote any one candidate over another for money? I for one don’t believe this for a second.

    • Your tipline is well informed, though pre-selection is on Sunday so I was waiting till then to confirm details officially.

      As for the other assertions I’d like to see the proof. So far I have written about skullduggery and cheating and haven’t endorsed any candidate. The only post I have written directly about a candidate was in reference to a very good article that dispelled many of the rumours that senior party people who should know better are spreading. So far ALL of their rumours have proved false. So far ALL of the things i have posted have proven true. I’ll leave it to the delegates to work out who is going negative and telling lies about me and other candidates and who is telling the truth.

      But I can promise one thing, if the rumours and gossip about me continue then I will start publishing emails and letters and handouts of the gossipers and rumour-mongers so that no one can be in any doubt as to who they are and what they have been doing.

      As for Scott, well if he wants to play dirty and spread muck about me then he can expect a good hard slap, one which I haven’t delivered…yet.