Oh dear Lord!

This is hitting the news stands right now in the lastest issue of the NZ Truth.

Truth Page 03 Apr1


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  • The mind boggles!

  • abjv

    A true swiss ball, or the one with the sticky-up handle thingy?

  • Hmmm…i have heard of a lot of weirdo fetishes, and crazy things that people are into but never once, have any of those things included a Swiss ball!

    The mind really does boggle!

  • chuck

    For the sake of the victim the police should lay charges. That would stop the speculation by left wingers that the victim asked for it somehow. I have heard talk back caller saying surely he willing took off his clothes. He probably did but we do not know why.

    I cannot image that an 18 year old running for a man’s residence naked and charges not being laid after almost a month. I can think of only two possible reasons – police incompetence or political interference.

    When it takes police an hour to decide whether is safe to enter a liquor store to render assistance to a critically wounded shop owner I must admit police incompetence is a distinct possibility in this case.

  • hagues

    lolz – how long have you known about this Cam? http://whaleoil.gotcha.co.nz/?p=21935

  • grizz

    And I thought your Swiss Ball gag was you genuinly having trouble with your exercises. I clearly do not read the same magazines.

  • Now I understand!!!

    [WO: Too cute Petal…don’t be a dickhead]

  • Balls, inspector!

  • titanuranus

    Just the thing for dunking ur gingernuts?

    • titanuranus

  • whalewatcher

    Hughes didn’t need the Swiss Ball – he could have used Charles Chauvel all rolled up on the floor