On Radio Live today

I’m on Radio Live today from 3 till 4 with Willie Jackson, John Tamihere and Matt McCarten.

Seems fair odds, one righty vs. three pinkos

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  • roger

    Hate to say it cam you sounded like mr flipflop yep nutter whites are the only ones worried about the foreshore bill just like you worry about fidility? we are all nutters That women taking you to task said it all, then you all laughed at her, SAD,cam look in a mirror you are not an average worker and are your thoughts revelant????

  • positan

    Disagree Roger. I was impressed at how much of the time the Lefties were in agreement with Cam. Frequently, their standard of debate wasn’t anywhere near as informed as his – although I was surprised that he appeared not to know that Mike Moore’s PM-ship lasted only 8 weeks – not 6 months – but then, none of those “political” Lefties knew it either.

    All in all, I felt Cam was more than a match for all the emotive angles the Lefties presented as their take on political understanding – after all, they finished up agreeing with his representations far more often than he did.

    The nutter woman contributed absolutely nothing to the debate – she’d have made more sense if she’d just farted – and as for “average workers” – jeez, isn’t that ’50s sort of political discernment long dead and buried?