Phil flubbs another interview

You just can’t make this sh*t up.

Phil Goff is so inept that he can’t even maintain a position in a single sentence now.  Seriously this is not edited…

On Checkpoint this afternoon he said there were things he’d do differently or better, then went straight on to say he’d do exactly the same thing!!!  Another screw up… I can’t believe that his caucus still thinks this chump is the best person to lead them.

Goff on Checkpoint by whaleoil

One of the most perplexing questions of this entire ongoing Phil Goff stuff up is what are the paid professionals saying? Labour are well known to have used Blue State Digital in the past, and at times like this you expect them to turn to their long term advisors.

The difficult thing for a professional firm to say is “Mate you are rooted, give up now and let someone else have a go.” Are Blue State telling Labour this at the moment?


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  • buffalobob

    You wonder whether BSD HAVE told Phil what to do, but either he completely fucks it up.. or totally disregards their advice.

    Just fucking hopeless…..from Phil and his front bench who just sit there watching him dig his deep grave…

  • Doug

    Phil is just “Dead man walking” waiting for the next controversy, sure as a Full moon rising.

  • thor42

    I think Michael Appleby from the “Legalise Cannabis Party” should pay Phil a visit and give him a few spliffs to toke on.
    If he did so, he couldn’t be worse, he might be better and he’d sure-as-hell be f**king hilarious…..

    • Mr. Infinity

      Are you kidding? He’s been high since his protester days. How else you explain the so-called “leftie” abandoning his principles when Douglas played Lange like a flute? Unless or course, he’s just a power mad Labour zombie…like the rest.

  • gravedodger

    This hughes fiasco has crosbie textor written all over it and Phil confirmed this when he emerged from the meeting at OU and stated it was all managed by his enemies of the right. yeah right.

  • mediatart

    Goff is more coherent than Key!!
    Never been a problem for Mr Sell/Keep Kiwibank amoung dozens of major flubs. In fact the beltway journos have barely turn off the digital recorders before Keys flunkies descend on them to correct his mis-speaks.
    And then you go to English who is more careful, but has the syle of a funeral director, and then we get to Gerry- oh yes the lastest cock up when his hand picked commissar for christchurch told Gerry Brezhnev to get persestroikered.

    • Suck it up Tart. Goff got all but rolled today, and you can expect the confirmation tomorrow that the T-Bomb will taken up Darren Hughes’ list seat. If Phil had bailed today, so would Judith have bailed; that was the deal. Instead Labour will struggle to finish second in November, and Goff will get rolled sometime late in the evening of Saturday November 26th. It’s all being orchestrated from an office far, far away, not too far from the Hudson River. Phil is powerless to do anything about it.

    • Mr. Infinity

      This is the best the left can come up with? Some whiny little apologist bitch who’s argument against Goff being an incompetent loser unfit to lead a hippie drum circle is an ad-hominem attack on Key? Only the grade-A zealots at Red Alert think Goff + Labour have any chance of unseating JK, and with the level on intelligence they exhibit, that’s no surprise.

  • kevin

    goff comes over exactly the same as len brown. You could have them swap places and get the same gobblygook responses.

  • mediatart

    mmmmm so Goff has to be absolutely on message 24/7 but Key and his ministers dont have to be.
    This week alone Ryall , has had to issue a correction to what he previously claimed and P. Bennett has had to say the Mayors and minute taker were all incorrect about what ‘she said’.
    On top of that Key has ‘asked’ his Education Minister to look into school bullying , as she was …….. too busy to think of it herself.

    Lucky none of them are running the country….. but only posturing and preening and wondering if they should join the rush for the door by many of their collegues before the election.
    ( Now thats the real reason so little candidate selections have been finalised, or the Party president is bone idle…. or BOTH)

    • Tart, you are off your game of late. Feeling a bit rattled?

      Goff might have been on message, oh wait…he wasn’t even that single sentence.

    • abjv

      Yes tart – National ministers (plus the hangers on from Act and Dunne) should be on message 24/7. They aren’t. Half of them have no real idea what goes on in their portfolios. Little coordination, and responses to crises are managed poorly by Capt Panic Pants. They can’t look further than a couple of days. If the opposition had any competency at all, as a country we would all know this, Labour wouldn’t be polling the sort of numbers that the Greens aspire to, and Phil wouldn’t be polling less than his predecessor who got trounced last election (and just a little above the margin of error).

      Labour’s problems that prevent them from being a useable Opposition are varied:
      (i) Their leader hasn’t grown into the role. JBomb is right. He’s been an MP for 30 years or so, he hasn’t grown now, he never will. Does not have the skill set to be PM. A good technocrat, understands detail very well, an ideal 3IC. Should never have made it past there. Should have been fired as leader 2 years ago.
      (ii) They look too much like the party that got dumped last election. The front bench looks the same; different roles, same faces. People who don’t have the natural ability, judgement and skill compatable with their roles (look at Hughes’ potential for getting caught on a Worth-style honey trap).
      (iii) The new ideas, the policy, the connection with the voters, just isn’t coming across. The message is there, it just isn’t making it through. Not getting any hits. Why? Look at the leadership team, the front bench. Many of the MPs come across as tired, past it and bereft of new ideas, vision. Stale. Still do not really comprehend why they got rejected last election, Some still do not accept it. Labour risks loosing several seats this time around based on present performance.
      (iv) The feeling out here that there is a massive power struggle going on internally between the left, the unions, the soclal democrats; what is “Labour” these days?

      Yes, some bits of the present Govt are hopeless – Power, Carter, that twit that handles education. Nick Smith’s best days are behind him. English understands the problems but does not come across as having a solution. Several others; too many to list here. Only a few I’d rate as truely competent. The economy is in the crap. Regardless of who put it there, there isn’t a lot of sign of how to get it out. 300,000 beneficiaries chasing 20,000 jobs etc. Can’t just keep borrowing and hoping. And Smile and Wave looks a bit shallow on some policy areas e.g. the “get tough on bullies” bit where it is clear the problem is the Ministry guidelines that favour the bully’s right to an education over that of the targets. Many things the Govt could be made to look very silly on; particularly on the economy, if only Labour got its shit sorted out.

      If you have any real connection with them at all, please PLEASE get them to find a leader. The country needs someone to make the Govt tidy up its act. Labour MPs going into this election hoping for a caning so they personally are in a better position after is not going to assist their constituency in the slightest. And the country is the poorer for the lack of someone keeping National honest.