Politician of the Week – Nick Smith

Much and all that it grates, it needs to be done, through gritted teeth. Nick Smith is Politician of the Week

“Cantabrians have been through enough trauma without charlatans preying on people’s natural fears.”

Lets start calling people by their proper names. Ken Ring is a Charlatan. Nick Smith tells Ken Ring what he really is.

a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses; quack.


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  • paranormal

    It is interesting to note that when Fitzroy first started weather predicting in the UK back in the 1860’s, he was also called a charlatan by those with something to losehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_FitzRoy . Of course we still use his methodology to this day. You can see his way of depicting the weather every evening after the news.

    It is also interesting to note just how little these supposed experts actually know. It is such a new science that I think they should be a little more circumspect with alternative theories. They are behaving just like warminists, when they don’t really know the full story themselves. As recent as 2003 the way they view earthquakes was significantly changed following analysis of the Turkish earthquakes in the 1990’s.

    Disclosure: In a previous role I worked with the brightest and best in the geological sciences including those at GNS. In fact one of my colleagues was the first NZ graduate in Earthquake Engineering.

  • marcw

    Isn’t it amazing – if there had not been a significant earthquake on Sunday (the largest since Feb 22, and the 12th largest since Sep 4) the skeptics AND Nick Smith would have been all over the media with “I told you so” comments. No, because of the frenzy they and the MSM had lathered themselves into over Ken Ring’s forcasts and they were left with the egg on face syndrome, they just shut up, and hope no-one asks any awkward questions.

    What a shame they weren’t having a late supper on Sunday night rather than their lunch. Long live KING RING (but don’t leave it ’till just 2hrs 13mins to go next time). :)

  • bobbydelorot

    I thought the reason they were having lunch was because ring explicitly stated that it would happen on Sunday morning.

    A simple measure Ring could take to prove his theory would be to show a graph correlating his forecast earthquakes with actual seismic activity over a period of years. Infact he could do the exact same thing with his weather forecasting as well.

    Take a guess why he doesn’t.