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Hmmmmmm….. did someone take the blame internally for Goff’s blunders? Or did they just get sick of Goff and quit?

Did anyone in parliamentary services note that applications close on April Fool’s Day?

Maybe I should apply.

Positions available

Press Secretary (Media Unit within the Labour Leader’s Office)

Applications close 12.00noon Friday, 1 April 2011

A great opportunity has become available for someone with experience in journalism/communications and politics to join the Media Unit within the Labour Leader’s Office.

Based in Parliament, the Press Secretary works with other members of the media team to provide advice and practical support to the Leader of the Labour Party and other Labour MPs.

You will need to have worked as a journalist and/or have previous experience in a communications role.  This is a fast paced and demanding role that calls for a highly organised and hardworking individual who can deal with tight deadlines and has a sound understanding of politics and the media environment. This is a fascinating role that offers real variety and provides an insight into New Zealand’s political process.

Ideally you will also have an understanding of the Parliamentary environment, be flexible in working hours, be able to travel and have great initiative to undertake this role.

Strong writing and communication skills are essential.

An application pack can be obtained by emailing [email protected]



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  • abjv

    Do we know which one left? Maybe the one that was given a crap position they had to espouse over the Hughes affair when it first broke (you know, the one that either lied, was lied to, or was ordered to bullshit around the truth).

  • buffalobob

    I guess Fran Mould isn’t going to be parachuted into a Labour safe seat then.

    • abjv

      I just had a close look at Roskill from last time. Phil won the candidate vote by 4000 but the party vote by only 187. Without Phil, that’s not safe, is it?

      Annette did better – party vote by 4300 or so, so if Fran was looking for a safe seat about to become spare it would be Annette’s. But I guess Fran’s not the most popular person around the Goffice at present.

  • abjv

    Don’t their contracts include a clause that employment terminates when the leader changes? Applications close on the 1st, employed on the 4th, contract terminated on the 5th. Could be a short appointment.

    (one way to keep the J-bomb out of parliament – get her to apply…. It is April Fools Day after all, someone could have a lot of fun here)

  • cadwallader

    To retain that job you’d need to be able to spin like a whirling dervish! There are any number of lefties in the industry the Labour job will be quickly filled.

  • gaskranken

    Ide­ally you will also have an under­stand­ing of the Par­lia­men­tary envi­ron­ment, be flex­i­ble in work­ing hours, be able to travel and have great ini­tia­tive to under­take this role.

    Is it just me or does the above job sound perfect for a poncy, gay, snout trougher?

    • sandynobb

      Yes, sounds ideal for Dazza, but he’ll need security clearance. He would be an elevated security risk because he could be the target of a honey pot operation. But, the SIS is so useless at vetting that they won’t be aware of recent zipper malfunctions.

      Hear that this job pays peanuts because you’ll be working for monkeys.