That's nice of John

John Key has wished Trevor Mallard a speedy recovery. NZPA reports:

Speaking at a post-cabinet press conference this afternoon, Mr Key sent Mr Mallard a get well message.

“We don’t like to see him in that condition, so we wish him a speedy recovery,” Mr Key said.

“Tell him to go on the cycleway next time on his own so he can’t hit another bike.”

Oh that’s nice of John, such a thoughtful fellow.


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  • Doug

    Poor Labour the Fire Power in Parliament has been reduced by Two Thirds with Trevor on his back. Who will take Trevor’s place?

  • Doug

    They should check Trevor’s feet while he is in Hospital he has shot them enough.

  • Did Trev pick a fight with the other cyclist?

  • gaskranken

    Fuckin Mallard on pg fucking 3 of this morning’s dim post in a fucking hospital gown, horrible fuckin image, nasty shit….

  • paulus12

    Pity Trevor’s mouth didn’t hit the ground at the same time.

    Bandaged up he could not fall over his unruly mouth.

    However, can’t wait to hear his usual claptrap soon. He makes me laugh – good medicine.

  • Youfatshit

    Horrible little right ring fascist scumbags. Whale oil, you fat piece of shit, get a real job.

  • Sikkas

    I bet if Goff wanted to take GST off macdonalds, adult diapers and anal beads he would get your votes.