Txts from New York

via the Tipline

Txts from New York: Helen and Phil chat


Txts from New York: Helen and Phil chat


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  • joseph

    best yet.

  • roger

    I think you were being a bit hard on Farrar,hulen , mind you he has little man problems,hes like a fox terrier. goff

    • Mr. Infinity

      “Goff” what, roger? A few too many drinks again?

  • roger

    Mr. Infinity March 31, 2011 at 3:42 pm
    “Goff” what, roger? A few too many drinks again
    Party at your place, Infinity????Nah you are to tight

  • abjv

    It is more a question of whether Phil is more popular than Mr “Margin of Error”.

    • symgardiner

      Or Winston First?

  • whafe

    These are as funny as these texts posts….

    However one would think that the Labour Party runs there party on texts with no actual communication with one another… Bunch of fucked up idiots..

    • abjv

      Did Phil told 3-hats by text? Is how he can say Phil didn’t talk to him about the Darren Hughes episode in advance….?

      As Shane Warne has found out, text messages leave a trail…

      (To WO…Pity Darren has resigned. “Gingernuts” could have been his new nickname)