What is really going?

This morning Darren Hughes outed himself as the MP under investigation by police, and good on him for coming forward…eventually.

It now transpires that Labour leadership have known about this for two weeks and felt that it was of no relevance to bring forward.

The Herald Reports:

“Labour leader Phil Goff said Mr Hughes had told him of the complaint a couple of weeks ago and assured him he had done nothing wrong.”

That is all fine and dandy, but what about the “high” standards that Labour have demanded from National constantly over the last two years? If the shoe was on the other foot Labour would be demanding for the MP’s resignation, demanding Key to explain why he hadn’t mentioned it earlier, demanding to know why Key hadn’t acted sooner and only acted after the media found out, and accused National of some sort of cover up!

“He said he had no reason not to believe Mr Hughes, whom he held in high regard.”

So, why is it different now that it is a Labour MP? Like I say, if John Key had made a similar statement, Labour would be having a field day about this whole thing, challenging Mr Key as to why he takes an MP’s word.

“Mr Hughes was not sent on leave immediately because Mr Goff said he did not believe the complaint was relevant to Mr Hughes’ ability to do his job as an MP.”

So what has changed? If there is nothing to worry about why can’t he still do his job?

This next quote from Phil Goff is telling in the way that he makes it:

“It’s never a pleasant experience for a complaint to be made against you as an individual and he is asserting very clearly he has done nothing, he believes, that is wrong.”

That last part of the statement is very telling. When I read this I instantly thought of two things:

  1. Goff is 100% convinced that Hughes is innocent, though he definitely thought Richard Worth was guilty.
  2. Goff is leaving wiggle room to back track if it turns out the Hughes has done something wrong.

This is starting to look a little more interesting than first thought. It was already stoking speculation. This latest lot of comments from Goff only makes the fire burn even more, because he is throwing fuel on the fire.

Also, interestingly enough, it could be looking more like they were trying to cover this up:

“A journalist had asked about a complaint against an MP on Monday and was told by a Labour spokeswoman that it was not a Labour MP.  Mr Goff said the spokeswoman was speaking in “good faith” at the time. He said only he and his leadership team had known about the issue.”

I bet, as I have said already, that if the boot was on the other foot and it was National in this situation, that Goff would be accusing the Nats of lying and covering it up. And he is already blaming National for the story being revealed:

“Mr Goff also fingerpointed the National Party for leaking the story, saying he was told it had come from the Beehive.”

I find it interesting that as of last night, no one knew anything about the incident and now we are being told that Labour leadership have known about it for two weeks. Interestingly Andrew “Three Hats” Little claims he knew nothing about it? Is Goff keeping secrets from him?

This is the last thing that the Labour party really needed. But it would appear that it is a lot of their own making now that the truth is seeping through.

With Trevor Mallard working the phones hard out from his hospital bed and Annette King ordering MPs to STFU and run for cover, this has all the hallmarks of a snow job for sure. As more and more facts emerge it will be interesting to see how Labour deals with the issue.


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  • Oh Dear

    Just heard on TVNZ that the incident happened at Annette Kings residence! This is getting murkier by the second!

    • Oh Dear

      Sorry, 3News, not TVNZ.

    • tooright

      Was this the same residence where the Ecstacy was stored in the car? Party town eh!

  • Oh Dear

    “He said only he and his leadership team had known about the issue.” (quoted from NZ Herald) would make it appear the 3 hats did know and has been caught out lying like Goff.

  • tooright

    Three things we know
    1. A complaint has been made and Police are investigating. This is not a rumour. If it’s a consent issue 18 years old vs 32+ years old won’t look good.
    2. Goff said he knew 2 weeks ago. Hard for him to now have his smear that the Beehive leaked it look credible. I guess the media could have sat on the “leak” for two weeks; but talk about pigs and flying. Maybe the media sat on it out of deference for the quake victims in CHC and Japan. Hmmmm
    3. Goff and King made a bad call in hoping it would go away. Now they are lashing out. Drowning, straws, clutching – words swimming before my eyes.

  • paulus12

    Was it not little Ginga who came “close” to a “proposition” at a Parliamentary Press Gallery party at Christmas ?

  • jimmie

    Only the leadership knew about it for two weeks? I wonder why?………Perhaps because the leadership were participants of the dubious behaviour?

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    I would imagine that the press gallery knows a lot about what may have transpired with Hughes and the ACT staffer in ’09. The question put to Goff by Barry Soper would indicate this. I would say that Phill Goff knows what may have transpired with Hughes and the ACT staffer in ’09. The answer to Sopers question would indicate this.

    The information that incident is alledged to have happened in the home of the Deputy Leader of Labour is also very noteworthy.

    This scandal has legs, and it’s running.

  • peterwn

    I gave Labour the benefit of the doubt on this one – until Phil Goff tried to hang the blame on to the ‘beehive’ for the news breaking. I now have no problem with Labour being given both barrels over this.

    Darren is now at the mercy of the needs for political damage control.

  • zork

    Comrad Helen will NOT be happy with the goings on of her Golden ( Ginga ) boy.!

  • kehua

    “Well bugger me.” said Dirty Darren.

  • sandynobb

    “Tho’ I’ve belted you and flayed you, By the livin’ Gawd that made you, You’re a better man than I am, Ginga Dung!”

  • giblet

    So now the dust has settled, what did Richard Worth do that led to his resigning as an MP, I never did hear.

  • grizz

    I have to feel Sorry for Darren Hughes’ kids. No one needs to see their father dragged through the mud like this. Is his career finished?

    If Hughes is finished, will the Bill and Ben party stand their now lone candidate in the Horowhenua-Kapiti electorate.

    • toby

      Does Hughes even have kids?

  • fromage

    I wonder whether the 18 year old who laid the complaint is that guy James Sleep.

    He has always been fucked in the head and now it looks like he has been fucked in the arse.

    • It isn’t James would have enjoyed the advances.

  • davidw

    Hhhhhmmmmm so Darren lives at Annette’s place.

    I wonder what accommodation allowance Parliamentary Services has been paying for a bedroom in a private residence rather than an independant flat? Sounds a bit too cosy to me and probably on the fringe as far as the accommodation rules are concerned.

  • There would be something wrong in the head of any 18 year whose idea of fun is hanging out with, and having late night daliances with politicians who are twice their age.

    I think it is safe to say that the complaint has come from a nutter – about a nutter.

    • Jackie – the complainant is a young bloke who participated in the Youth Parliament, which suggests more than a passing interest in politics. It is entirely possible that he was a bit star-struck if an up-and-coming Labour MP (touted by some, until today as a future Prime Minister) paid him some attention. I would suggest that this is completely different from Jevan Goulter’s self-promotion.

  • Ok KS – I was not aware that any of us knew who the young man is, or the circumstances of how he ended up in the booze barn. Youare right though – it is entirely possible that he is not another Jevan Goulter.

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