What would Helen do?

Labour are running the crisis play-book, the same plays we saw when Philip Field got in trouble, when the Madeleine Setchell and Erin Leigh scandals hit and don’t forget David Benson-Pope.

One thing for sure is that the phone lines to New York are burning hot.

via the tipline

What would Helen do?

What would Helen do?

What would Helen do?

What would Helen do?


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  • titanuranus

    It could be worse,he could be getting the taxpayer to pay for his and his wifes “massages”.

  • otagodave

    what wife? am i missing something

  • Very good Cam; great the way iPhones keep the whole conversation.

  • joseph

    Is phil, and the rainbow wing, and the “17” not also taking instructions from helen. Come back Helen – The labour Party needs you.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Key beat her ass once. He could do it again without breaking a sweat…same as Goff really.

  • thehoff

    Has the Darren Hughes saga just turned into a serious leadership crisis for Phil Goff?

  • naylor

    Brilliant discovery. Shocking truth comes out. Surprised to see Aunty Helen not mention the “move on” line to her ginga off-spring. Must be on he ph to AK now telling her to get that hunk Mangrove into the residence to start bringing the girls back.