Which Phil Goff is leading Labour?

David Farrar asks the question.

Is it Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition (PGLOTO) or Phil Goff, leader of the Labour party (PGLPL)

It is a surprise that Phil Goff, Labour Party Leader, did not take the advice of Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition. Here’s a quote from PGLOTO in 2009:

Opposition leader Phil Goff said today Mr Key should have sacked Dr Worth last week.

“The matter could have been dealt with rather more promptly,” Mr Goff said.

So let us compare the cases of Dr Worth and Mr Hughes.

  1. Dr Worth’s leader is informed of a Police complaint. He briefly investigates, and then sacks Dr Worth. All of this occurs before the Police complaint is even made public. PGLOTO claims the matter should have been dealt with more promptly.
  2. Mr Hughes’ leader is informed of a Police complaint. PGLPL does nothing at all until the matter becomes public.

It is astounding that Phil Goff sat for two weeks on this. More astounding that Annette King also sat on this knowing full well what has gone on in her house, with the Police coming to visit. What is the most astounding of all is that Andrew Little as late as yesterday was still professing to know nothing about it all depsite Phil goff telling the media that “his leadership team” had known for two weeks.

It does beg the rather obvious question. Is Andrew Little not in Goff’s leadership team?

Forget Darren Hughes, he is a political corpse now. The real issues before us all is what is going to happen inside Labour. Goff’s leadership team, to a man, are now hopelessly exposed for attempting to cover up an alleged crime. If ever there was to be a coup against Goff, the time is best right now. Goff’s entire coterie of support are effectively neutralised by this issue.

The last remaining question is this: What faction will win the coming bloodbath?


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  • michaels

    But who would seriously want to take on the job?
    A new leader won’t be able to fix Labour’s problems and will only do them self damage.
    However, Labour seems full of mad people so know doubt some one will go full steam ahead.

  • jimmie

    Gotta be what pushes Labour into Sub 30% category surely – and when it does I can’t see them coming back over 30% with Goff & King in charge – just not gona happen.

    The worst thing about this for Labour is it happened at Kings house and supposedly the whole labour leadership team knew about it for two weeks?

    Does this mean their whole front bench is complicit in such a cock up?

    Doesn’t look good at all – I guess Little might be looking to be leader sooner than he thought.

    • bunswalla

      “cock up” (snigger)

  • peterwn


    “Mr Goff has also admitted he was wrong to call for Prime Minister John Key to sack Richard Worth soon after a police complaint was made against him.”

    I have never seen such waffle and weasel words since goodness knows when.

    I think ‘the smiling assassin’ has an even bigger smile on his face.

  • bunswalla

    From the Herald article mentioned above:

    Mr Goff said he had now learned some things about the complexity of such situations.
    “I’m going to be the first to admit I was wrong in the judgment I made at that time.”

    Um, Phil, I don’t actually think you’re the first person to point out you were wrong on that one. Perhaps more like the 2,010,766th but good on you for getting there.

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