Whispers of trouble in caucus

The T-Bomb is Judith TizardThe Whale hears whispers that not all Labour MPs are against Judith “T-Bomb” Tizard returning. The T-Bomb has never gotten over her loss to Nikki Kaye whom she despises, and is already an active member of scum list MP Jacinda Ardern’s campaign committee.

The problem that is being whispered about is that Jacinda is not full-time in Auckland Central as she is also a scum list MP for Coromandel, Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty where she has an electorate office.

But if Judith returns to Parliament, with much fanfare, then she can donate all her parliamentary funding to Labour’s activities in Auckland Central, to try and beat Nikki Kaye. So if Judith returns, Jacinda will effectively gain double the taxpayer funding.

It seems My Little Pony is playing a nice double game, publicly supporting Phil Goff and privately supporting the return of the T-Bomb.


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  • mickrodge

    I know it’s just the way things work but it shits me…I mean it really shits me that Judith Tizard, possible the Queen of the troughers gets $150k for six months of swanning around doing 5/8ths of fuck all with a couple of taxpayer funded “research” trips to New York thrown in to boot.

    All this shit she’s spouting about “unfinished business” etc. She didn’t do a fucking thing for 20 years in parliament so what makes her think that’s going to change now? The pinko’s should hang their heads in shame at the mere mention of this oxygen thief.

    • whafe

      Agree with every word you say, trouble is, the whole party of Pinko’s are only self serving to themselves, fuck NZ…

  • kram

    If they painted over its front that would be one nice lookin bomb.