Why doesn't National have a decent spin weasel?

Some farming program on the radio asked “Brown Envelope” Carter about what the spending cuts meant to the farming industry. As minister of agriculture Carter gave some weasely excuse about not sacrificing government spending on farmers. This is just typical of the farming sector, New Zealand’s biggest bludgers, always with their hands out for more.

I really wonder about why a centre-right government doesn’t have a decent line about cutting government spending to grow the economy. This is a simple argument to make, and any spin weasel worth their salt would have followed the Tea Party and the United States mid-terms last year and had endless arguments about getting the government out of the economy to help the economy grow.

Instead we have ministers defending their departments, and not saying outright to business people, “if we cut government spending it means your business and New Zealand will grow faster than it would with the dead weight of massive government spending”.

John Key should ring DoC to see if they cant get him a few DoC 200’s so he can weed out his current spin weasels and replace them with some that can look more than 48 hours ahead and teach ministers how to sell spending cuts as a good thing.


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  • gravedodger

    Carter (brown envelope) is one of the thicko, ineffective ego driven members that Joyce and Key should be seeking to put out to the dogtucker paddock.
    Had a meeting with him when the death of a cyclist on the Christchurch – Akaroa race ( a death that was largely the fault of the dead one) and the ramifications for unpaid volunteers, who are essential to the running of such events and it was impacting on the ability fill the necessary jobs.
    He appeared to listen then made the necessary feelgood moves and subsequently did jackshit to address the problem. No action , no follow up and never had the smarts to even mouth the words that may have fooled some of the voters involved.
    Completely out of his depth, I doubt if Amy Adams would get him to empty a portaloo cartridge, almost certain to spill it on his shoes.
    Maked as a tosser for ever in the minds of those at the meeting.

  • A spin Whale would be more effective but doubt they would have the good sense to listen to you .

  • jimbob

    Whale you need a history lesson. Roger Douglas cut all spending on farmers in the 1980’s. No Government since has spent a cent on farmers. The only help they get is income equalisation, where they can give income to the IRD to look after, for 1% interest, and get it back the next year. Then pay the tax on that income. So to call farmers bludgers shows you need to do more research.

    • You better hope that Cactus doesn’t see your comment.

      Too much rain, farmers have their hand out. Not enough rain, farmers have their hands out. Too much snow in spring, farmers have their hands out… and so it goes on.

      Not to mention having a Monopsony rorting us all.

      Most farmers pay almost zero tax their working lives (cash poor, asset rich) then cash out with a massive capital gain,s again not taxed…all the while expecting taxpayers to baile them out of the aforementioned weather problems.

  • brucewho

    Agree with Whale. Sometimes FedFarmers sound more like the NZEI and PPTA. Farming is a business a risky business. It is vulnerable to climatic hits and to market demand. Neither are reasons for hand-outs because farmers are carrying too much debt or trying to farm the wrong product in the wrong place. Dairying in Northland and Canterbury FFS.

  • jimbob

    About 1% of farmers belong to Fed Farmers, as this 1% are the moaners you are referring to. The rest get on with business and do NOT take any hand out. Capital gain is the same in buying houses as buying land, so if you do not want farmers to profit selling up when they are in their seventies, and completely rooted, then home owners should face the same medicine. Catus Kate needs to work on a farm and pay the mortgage and the bills for ten years, most people would be bankrupt in two. Paying taxes, well 60% of the Governments tax take is from farming, so they fund over half the police force, over half of health, over half of education etc etc. That is why farmers get pissed at teachers as they run the farming industry down as evil, yet they pay over half of their wage. Whale, more research.

  • cactuskate1


    Sigh…..where do we start?
    – 1% of farmers belong to Federated Fuckwits? Where on earth did you get that from? The site claims “The Federation is New Zealand’s second largest membership based trade body. It is the largest independent representative of New Zealand’s farmers”.
    1% of 26,000 is 260 people. Unlikely to be that low is it?
    – Home owners v farmland? Interesting argument given that a farmer can claim all manner of deductions on property on his land that city folk cannot
    – Why do I need to work on a farm, pay a mortgage and bills for 10 years? Most NZers would love the opportunity to have millions of dollars of debt with the chance to one day cash out million sin tax free capital gains, but guess what? The banks wont lend it to them to create their businesses and employ other people because farmers are getting all that overseas loaned cash. Before farmers trot out this line they should look at themselves and how they would go in an office job. They wouldn’t.
    – 60% of the tax take? You are completely pushing any credibility left here as that figure is plucked out of your corduroyed arse. Whale and I OIA’d the relevant government departments to see the correct number as to tax take for farming – guess what? No such figure exists. We know also it doesn’t because Fonterra would be bragging about being 60% of anything. They don’t because most farmers can pay stuff all tax by leveraging their property to the maximum from foreign owned banks (so most mortgaged land is owned by foreigners technically anyway) and claiming huge interest deductions on their capital gained land so they pay the smallest amounts of tax they can.

    I suggest you have spent too long rolling in cowshit and polluted waters and it is affecting your brain.

    When farmers actually pay their own costs of pollution, improve their treatment of animals, pay their fair share of taxes and stop borrowing all that money from foreign banks then they may have a leg to stand on.