Why doesn't Silent T just ask the right question

If David Cunliffe wants to edge out David Parker for leadership Labour then he is going to have be a whole lot smarter.

He has written a post at Red Alert where he rabbits on about all sorts of bullshit that is probably true but no-one cares about. Instead he should talk in simple

“Are you better off now than you were under Labour?”

That is the kind of thing that gets cut through. Not some convoluted rubbish that puts even the most seasoned political junkie to sleep. Speak plain, speak simple another of Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics.


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  • mediatart

    Under Key and English we are 5% worse off per capita than the last full year of labour- and thats before the real shit hits the fan over the next 9 months.

    It was a mistake to save Englishs skin over the abuse of the housing allowances.
    He will be sacked after the election if National can scape together a majority like Richardson was.

  • Doug

    Explain this then?
    “Countries such as Australia and New Zealand that have implemented strong fiscal rules have seen declining debt levels and reasonable government spending.”

    “They reveal the power of good fiscal governance.”


  • peterwn

    Many years ago, Labour produced a heap of bumper stickers that said “We are in a mess”. Simple and to the point.

  • titanuranus

    When the fuck were we ever better off under Labour ?

    Labour have done nothing ,other than put us up shit creek.

    Why would anybody want Goff gone? He is perfect right where he is, a fuckwit in charge of a party of fuckwits .