Why Name Suppression must go

Submission are currently being heard regarding changes to name suppression laws. If anyone needs any proof that Name Suppression isn’t working for either victims or for the general public then it is this case:

A lawyer suspended from practice for three years and ordered to pay $45,000 costs and compensation for having a “sexual liaison” with a client will keep practising pending an appeal.

A disciplinary tribunal believed the woman’s story about an incident in July 2004, effectively finding the lawyer had lied about the liaison. The lawyer’s name has been suppressed in the meantime.

Other charges a Wellington District Law Society complaints committee had brought against the lawyer were dismissed.

The tribunal suspended the lawyer for three years, censured him, and ordered him to pay the woman $5000 compensation and $40,000 costs to the NZ Law Society.

The lawyer has appealed against being found guilty and the penalty. A judge in the High Court at Wellington has delayed the penalty taking effect for about three months, when the lawyer says he will give up practice in any event.

The district law society complaints committee argued there was a risk in allowing him to continue working in the meantime among judges, clients and colleagues who did not know of the dishonesty finding made against him.

However, Justice Joe Williams decided that as an appeal had been filed the lawyer had an interest in being able to keep working and maintain the value of his practice, otherwise the appeal would be of little value. Crucial to his decision was the limited period the lawyer would continue working, he said.

Rules for some and rules for others. Nice cosy little arrangement if you happen to be a lawyer.



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  • Ummm so the lawyer had sex with another consenting adult who just happened to be a client of his…this woman then decided this “liaison” did not really make her all that happy and makes a complaint about him…and his whole life should be destroyed? …and she gets 5k for having consensual sex?

    Clearly, i was in the wrong business!

    I think the guy has probably already paid enough.

  • sandynobb

    We can be reasonably sure that the lawyer wasn’t Charles Chauvel.

  • michaels

    Sex­ual liai­son.
    This is 2 adults bonking right?
    Not rape I assume.

    So she got paid 5K for what exactly? Being a hooker?
    For feeling bad because she bonked her hot lawyer?
    And how come she got 5K and the Law Society got 40K, who are the biggest whores?
    AHHHHHHHH….. Now it all makes sense!!!

    Anyway I thought it was only doctors not allowed to bonk their hotties. My ex is still looking for an young hot Doctor with a shaky hand.

    • I thought the same – that is was just doctors. Why would a lawyer not be allowed to shag a client?

      There are a lot of men out there that have funny stories to tell regarding the thoughts that go through their heads before the after glow of sex has even worn off. These stories have provided me much amusement at times.

      In this instance, i think name suppression is a good thing. The guy has clearly paid enough for letting his penis go anywhere near a vindictive controlling woman who most likely made his life hell from the minute their shag was over. I would bet my implants that she threatened to complain to the Law Society many, many times before she actually did it. I would bet money that he finally just told her to bloody do it. We are going back to 2004 here.

      Cut the guy some slack. 7 years of hell for a root – i bet he has learned his lesson.

      • Never pay a blackmailer. One of my unbreakable rules.

  • cadwallader

    The reason why it is against the Rules for a lawyer to have a romantic relationship with a client is due to the perception that when clients first visit they may well be highly stressed and therefore vulnerable to unwanted advances. This may seem a trifle quaint but where it is a woman belly-aching after public disclosure of her liason with her rapacious lawyer it allows her to save face to her friends and/or new or recently re-united former boyfriend/husband. It is often the boyfriend who sees a complaint as a way to recoup legal fees…and it sure as hell works!

  • The real reason the law society prohibit sex between lawyers and their clients is to prevent the clients from being billed twice for essentially the same service.