Will Judith Tizard be back in parliament soon?

Looks like serious trouble brewing in Labour today.

From Stuff: Labour in crisis talks over allegations against MP – sources

From NZ Herald: Labour stays silent on MP allegations

From what I understand about this story there is likely to be a resignation unless Labour goes all Philip Field again. My good Labour sources tell me that Annette King is advising to tough it out. I hope Labour and the MP concerned does that, it will mean weeks of headlines.

If a Labour Mp was going to get snapped for indiscriminate rooting I would have picked The Mangrove, but since the victim here is apparently a bloke it can’t be him. Unless he has turned.

Meanwhile iPredict stocks for Judith Tizard to return to parliament have sky-rocketed, suggesting it is a Labour list MP in trouble.

Labour better hope their secret deal with Judith Tizard NOT to return holds tight, but then again the next 5 on the list are a bunch of useless twats too.

For now I better go looking through Youtube for some old Tina Turner songs.



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  • chimei

    I think the one you are looking for is:

  • peterwn

    If Labour had done a deal with Judith not to return, and she is next in line for a vacancy, IMO Labour cannot go screaming off to the courts to enforce that agreement (see my commnt under ‘Random Impertinent questions’ which do not seem so random after all).

    I think that the Opposition Leader and leaders of minor parties should also be required to answer Parliamentary Questions (they do consume long suffering taxpayers’ money). This would sure rev up question time. I can imagine Lockie telling Phil he has to answer the question on this point.

  • illalwaysrememberportugal
  • grizz

    I see that on ipredict people were backing the Tizz yesterday before the scandal broke, so there had to be some inside knowledge. Interestingly her stocks have dropped now that Darren Hughes has been outed forcing his private dances onto people. Again I wonder if there is some inside knowledge on the Tizz stepping down?

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