A great sentiment

A great sentiment from Australia’s Finance minister Penny Wong.

”These savings will help bring the budget back to surplus in 2012-13 and show the government is determined to lead the way by tightening its own belt first,” Senator Wong said.

Why isn’t there a Labour leader in new Zealand that can say the sorts of things that are being said by top Labor politicians in Australia.

FOr that matter why aren’t there any politicians in New Zealand prepared to say what needs to be said to the New Zealand public that is used to be ing bribed with other peoples money.


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  • raider580

    Sorry Whale wrong again. This is pure fantasy from Penny ,Labor in Aus came to power with no debt but have since spent money like its going out of fashon. 2 and a 1/2 billion on insulation where they also manage to kill 6 people as well as set fire to numurous homes ,perfectly good bussinesses and lives destroyed. Then another 1/2 billion to repair some of the mess.
    School halls fiasco where they spent 16 billion to get 8 billion dollars worth of value.
    Believe me there are plenty more stuff ups I could name ,just not enough ink in this world.
    Now Penny and Wayne are broke so they desperatly need the mining tax and the CARBON DIOXIDE TAX to save there arses. Labor Gov spend money, that how it works the world over.

  • gooner
  • chiefsfan73

    Right on Raider. I rely on the whale for his closely connected and insightful commentary on contemporary NZ Politics, but this quote lacks context.

    Federal Labour are in a huge backpedal over their new taxes because they know they have been wasteful.

    More research please Cam