And they're going to do what?

Labour says it will fight tooth and nail “against the agenda of Don Brash and John Key”.


So what have they been doing up to now? Has the “opposition” now decided to oppose?


What has it been doing up to now? Frankly Phil Goff’s response is pathetic. He should be more worried about members of his caucus who watch with incredulity as Don Brash took out the leadership in well executed and bold coup instead of their piss-weak gutless attempt that ended in smiles and guffaws.

Peter Dunne isn’t much better.

Don Brash’s successful hostile takeover of ACT today may well delight one in twenty voters, but alarm bells will be ringing for the other nineteen, UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne said today.

What Dunne should be afraid of is Don Brash sitting down with his coup strategy team and deciding to turn their attentions to his blight on the face of politics. Katrina Shanks is hopeless, she can’t beat Dunne. A good ACT candidate could take National’s vote in Ohariu and send Dunne to oblivion. He was first elected in 1984, and an acolyte of Roger Douglas. It is high time that those first elected in the 80s were retired.

The same team that out thought Rodney Hide and have shown that they are quite prepared to duke it out with realpolitik could certainly work to undermine Dunne over the next 7 months.

With Don Brash’s bold coup the face of New Zealand politics is changed forever. It can now never be said that you can’t take over a party and lead it from outside parliament, it can never be said that you can’t take over a party leadership when you aren’t even a member.

What can be said is that you can if you say you can, and then do it. There are many politicians in every party that are sitting there tonight reading this and shaking their heads in stunned wonderment at the audacity and the success of Don Brash who simply was brave, honest and daring. They will be looking and wondering…can they be so bold?




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  • whafe

    Very well put Cam….

    Seriously, Labour and Dunne are all piss & wind like the barbers cat….. They have proven over and over that they cannot organise a piss up in a brewery….

    As I said in the previous thread, Dunne is the true whore of politics, will sell out to keep a job in politics, what a pathetic soft cock…

    Goff should just shut the fuck up, each and every time he opens his cake hole he screws things up…..

    Don Brash has taught a fair few politicians what a bit of determination and honesty can do…. Suffer you troughers…..

  • kehua

    Ya smitten Cam, four sentences and you start the fifth with the word `Frankly…… Grab the 308 and go for a hunt to clear your head.

    • God noooooooooooooo! I have to gut and skin and then cook whatever he kills.
      I have rabbit pie coming out my ears and more in the freezer. We have more venison than we can eat ( I have run out of ways to cook it ) and he is going after ducks and pheasants next! Mind you he at least sends the deer to a butcher.
      It was a real education skinning and gutting the bunnies. Thanks to the internet I watched a video on youtube of a Pommy chef and mastered the pull the skin off in one simple motion, voila! Well actually with my skinny arms there was a lot of huffing and puffing going on as I pulled its fur coat over its head LOL

  • axeman

    Meanwhile over at the taxpayer funded Liarbore blog “where the voices of Labour MPs” blog “on issues that we care about”, they are foaming at the mouth over ………….. wait for it ………..
    the relevancy of the royal wedding tomorrow.

    And why the Australians have cancelled a satirical show.

    “Oh for goodness sake”

    • whafe

      Dont those Pinko’s just make you vomit, pathetic individuals….. Seriously they all need to stand back and stop working in their shite party and work on it… Fuckwits they are…

      • thor42

        Speaking of pinkos and PC-ness, have a look at this. This confirms to me that the U.K. is ***fucked*** –

        This is about a guy who has just been arrested for “racism” – for singing “Kung-Fu fighting”!

        “A pub singer has been arrested on suspicion of racism for singing the classic chart hit Kung Fu Fighting.

        The song, performed by Simon Ledger, 34, is said to have offended two Chinese people as they walked past the bar where he was singing.

        The entertainer regularly performs the 1974 number one hit, originally by disco star Carl Douglas, at the Driftwood Beach Bar in Sandown, on the Isle of Wight.”

        THAT is the kind of environment that Labour and its fellow pinkos are trying to create.
        In the U.K., they have unfortunately succeeded.

        • whafe

          We should live in a world where by you would say bullshit if someone told you the above, however it is real in this Pinko world we now live in…. Give me strength!!!!!!!!!!!

          You know the world is fucked inside out when someone gets arrested for racism for singing “Kung Fu Fighting”

  • johnansell

    Dead right Cam. You’ve been calling this right all along.

    Our friend Farrar, on the other hand, has either not learned anything from Don’s other guerrilla raids, or has felt bound to parrot the condescending party line. Possibly the latter.

    Most of politics is about catering to established prejudices. But it’s also about persuasion – changing minds. Millions of minds are always ripe for changing. They’re not calcified. With 7 months, armed with the truth and the right degree of empathy, a conviction politician can convert thousands of minds previously considered unconvertible.

    Part of Don’s brand is audacity, as Audrey Young correctly identified. As people may have noticed, his habit is to do the unthinkable as a matter of routine. The impossible takes a little longer, but not that much longer. It’s just a matter of instilling belief.

    The idea of Brash defeating Key can quickly move from being a ludicrous fantasy to a self-fulfilling prophesy, as long as the policies are couched in terms of benefits to ordinary people. Beancounterspeak won’t cut it.

    The fact that all the wise heads (the ones who were blindsided this week, just as they were by Orewa and his last leadership challenge) have no idea what it’s like to think like Don, so they can’t predict his actions.

    I predict there will be many unpredictable actions to come.

  • heyjude

    John Ansell
    “Part of Don’s brand is audac­ity”

    We shouldn’t forget that part of Don’s brand is “gentlemany audacity”.
    Very important distinction.

  • monty

    Don Brash has proved over the past week he has got political intuition and guts that has been totally under estimated by nearly every politician and political observer. He has proved time and time again that he has the smarts to deliver and I think he will do so again on 26 Nov 2011.

    IIn the meantime the leftards are helping the cause by taking their eye off John Key, and helping to raise the profile of Don Brash and Act. The left really are a bunch of fools.

    • whafe

      Indeed the left are more foolish than one can comprehend…. The comments from that nut job Green Party this morning were hilarious…. Along with the great many comments to come from the main bunch of idiot Pinko’s today am sure….