Blue Seats, Red Seats, and Seats that go one colour

David Farrar is obviously traveling around New Zealand promoting his pinko world view in a warm up for this years blog mobile, and stopped off in Napier.

Had a breakfast coffee this morning in Napier with local MP Chris Tremain.Was amused that around two out of three people walking past stopped to greet him – one seat where the MP has no problems with recognition. Also noted that he seemed to know most of them by name also – one of the nice things about provincial seats.

In the current parliament there are three guys who have earned a reputation for holding their seats because of a personal connection with everyone in the seat. John Carter, Nick Smith and Clayton Cosgrove. When times are tough for their side they still win. They all have a huge personal premium that is only attained my massive hard work of a long period of time.

National Party     15,378         SMITH, Nick    NAT    20,471
National Party     17,703         CARTER, John    NAT    19,889
Labour Party     12,702         COSGROVE, Clayton    LAB    16,360

These guys are all veterans who have proved their worth to their electorates. Cosgrove routinely gets mocked by this blog for his performance in Wellington, but as MP for Waimakariri he has built the kind of personal connections that is very hard to beat unless you have a really good opponent.

National Party     16,772         TREMAIN, Chris    NAT    20,898

Chris Tremain hasn’t been in parliament as long as the others, but he has built a massive majority over the party vote that only comes from knowing people in the electorate. Like Nick, John and Clayton, Napier is Chris’ seat for as long as he wants it because of the hard work he has put in as MP, and because he is known by so many voters.

For that reason Stuart Nash really would be better advised to pop over to Tukituki with his Fire Engine where a red fire engine beats a gay ute any time and where a campaign slogan like “Rooting for the Bay” will really get some momentum.


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  • alwyn

    You are being a bit generous to Carter and a bit tough on Foss aren’t you.
    He ran about 2,200 votes ahead of National in the electorate in 2008. That’s about the same difference as Carter got in his electorate.
    I agree it isn’t as much as Tremain but it’s not to be despised either.

  • whafe

    I think it is great the Chris Tremain can pull results like that, considering that Napier is as left as can be compared to Hastings and rural Hawkes Bay…….