Bunnies 0 – 2 Whale

I have a dilemma..to blog or to blow bunnies away….I contemplated that this morning just after seven as these two bunnies hopped across the paddock outside the lounge window.

I think blowing away bunnnies with my 17HMR will be more important today. (Thanks to Hamills Manukau for the Savage 17HMR setup…and the Gunworks suppressor really has them confused as well.)

My daughter asked” “Which one is the Easter bunny Dad?”

Which one is the Easter bunny?


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  • kehua

    How come the eyes aren`t popped, Big Guy?

  • medusa

    Hope you/SB have some good recipes?

  • kehua

    Cut them into quarters, smother in a tart plum jam, wrap the pieces in tinfoil and theneither slow BBQ or just place them in hot ashes for 35 minutes. As the little poof says “easy peasy“. ps This is also a great way to cook any fish.