Citizen A – 28 April – Coup special

Citizen A this week with that awful Bomber Bradbury and editor of, Selwyn Manning

Issue one: Brash launches an Auckland attack against Hide in most aggressive take over since Germany invaded Poland

Issue two: John Banks in Epsom? Why has God forsaken Epsom?

Issue three tonight: Metro Magazine has an outstanding investigative journalism story on allegations of SAS handing civilians over for torture. In the week we celebrated ANZAC Day, what are we doing in Afghanistan?


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  • positan

    God, Cam – why do you persist in giving credibility to this cretinous, biased, left-wing giggling turkey? His political assessments and his views fall a long way short of his complete and utter adoration of his own viewpoint.

    • But isn’t it fun having a panel with two differing points of view instead of one where everyone agrees with each other and spin the same old politically correct , pinko lines? Anyway two pinkos versus one Whaleoil is a fair fight.

  • positan

    It may be fun – and yes, I agree that the combined talents of the two pinkos fall woefully short of the Whale – but, as one who really wants the dinkum oil, to be able to be apprised of facts and to learn something from debate that’s meaningful – this undisciplined circus with the sole microphone far too close to Bradbury and his meaningless, leftist interjections, interpretations and analogies – sorry, I find most of the program a drag.

    • The mike in shot is a prop. As you can see we are all individually miked up

  • jabba

    I actually enjoy it .. it would be good to have 2 righties instead of 2 lefties for a change though and I think bomber should take his ritalin pills as per prescription more often.