Climate Change is to blame for…

Periodically Bomber at left wing hate speech site Tumeke has a massive rant how deniers and the like are killing the planet and challenges us all to recant. Bomber is prone to hysterical fear-mongering especially when it comes to Climate Change.

So climate change caused by man made pollution is now occurring at the worst case scenario end of the scale now huh?

Where my climate deniers at? where is Whaleoil? The casually fascist Cactus Kate? Kiwiblogh, that awful hate speech site No Minister? Where they at? The right wing blogosphere has been a massive echo chamber decrying any notion that man made pollution is heating the planet.

While the next UN report will be dramatically worse and the deniers are proven wrong again and again…

Fortunately I won’t have to since the peer reviewed papers out there that warmists like him seem to cling desperately to in order to justify massive taxes and control laws to force us to do something just can’t seem to agree. Until they do I’ll insist that there is nothing to see except hysterical fear-mongering like that of Bomber’s.

Here is a list (via Anthony Watts) of Peer Reviewed papers that show that man-made Global Warming Climate Change Global Climate Disruption Excessive Climate Change Research Funding causes:

Amazon dry season greener
Amazon dry season browner

Avalanches may increase
Avalanches may decrease – wet snow more though [?]

Bird migrations longer
Bird migrations shorter
Bird migrations out of fashion

Boreal forest fires may increase
Boreal forest fires may continue decreasing

Chinese locusts swarm when warmer
Chinese locusts swarm when cooler

Columbia spotted frogs decline
Columbia spotted frogs thrive in warming world

Coral island atolls to sink [?]
Coral island atolls to rise [? – ?]

Earth’s rotation to slow down
Earth’s rotation to speed up

East Africa to get less rain
East Africa to get more rain – pdf

Great Lakes less snow
Great Lakes more snow

Gulf stream slows down
Gulf stream speeds up a little

Indian monsoons to be drier
Indian monsoons to be wetter

Indian rice yields to decrease – full paper
Indian rice yields to increase

Latin American forests may decline
Latin American forests have thrived in warmer world with more co2!

Leaf area index reduced [1990s]
Leaf area index increased [1981-2006]

Malaria may increase
Malaria may continue decreasing

Malaria in Burundi to increase
Malaria in Burundi to decrease [?]

North Atlantic cod to decline
North Atlantic cod to thrive

North Atlantic cyclone frequency to increase
North Atlantic cyclone frequency to decrease – full pdf

North Atlantic Ocean less salty
North Atlantic Ocean more salty

Northern Hemisphere ice sheets to decline [? – ? – ?]
Northern Hemisphere ice sheets to grow [?]

Plant methane emissions significant
Plant methane emissions insignificant

Plants move uphill
Plants move downhill [?]

Sahel to get less rain
Sahel to get more rain
Sahel may get more or less rain

San Francisco less foggy
San Francisco more foggy

Sea level rise accelerated
Sea level rise decelerated – full pdf

Soil moisture less
Soil moisture more

Squids get smaller
Squids get larger

Stone age hunters may have triggered past warming [?]
Stone age hunters may have triggered past cooling

Swiss mountain debris flow may increase
Swiss mountain debris flow may decrease
Swiss mountain debris flow may decrease then increase in volume

UK may get more droughts
UK may get more rain

Wind speed to go up [?]
Wind speed slows down [?]
Wind speed to speed up then slow down

Winters maybe warmer [? – ?]
Winters maybe colder ;O)



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  • kevin

    Thanks for your summary, that Watts site is a cracker. I wonder how many folk read it and wonder… wtf

  • zork

    When we are on the earth’s surface, we cannot comprehend the amount of water that is totally there on the earth. However, take a look at any image of the earth taken from outer space, and you will be able to appreciate truly the amount of water that is present on the earth’s surface. The bluish color that you see covering the earth in these images is due to the presence of large amounts of water on the earth. In fact, the earth’s surface is covered mostly with water, with land areas forming a very small percentage. The amount of water covering the earth’s surface is a staggering 70 percent, with the remaining 30 percent being covered by land.

    However, there is an irony to this fact of there being so much water on earth. Of all this water present, 97.5 percent is in the seas and oceans. This effectively means that this entire 97.5 percent of water in the water bodies is not potable. Only 2.5 percent of the total amount of water on earth is fresh, out of which a further 1.6 percent is at the polar ice caps and glaciers, and a further 0.36 percent present underground. This leaves a mere 0.036 percent in the lakes and rivers for our daily use.

    The global warming alarmist would have us beleive that of the Earths Land area of 30% that people inhabit, we can still make such a diffence that we can affect the weather so much

  • axeman

    Meh. The trouble with the Village Idiot of the Left, is he relies on that ridiculous alarmist and ultimate echo chamber blog written by a truffle grower and a retired (“I am not a scientist but…”) school teacher. What they and Bumber know about “man-made global warming” could be written on the back of a postage stamp with space to spare.

    Just like the “Pet Rock” fad of the 1970’s, “man-made global warming” is now officially part of pop culture past. It rode off into the warm sunset along with Al Gore’s relevance and Rosy O’Donnell’s television career. We can look forward to a future episode of “VH1’s I love the New Millennium” where they gather a bunch of comedians to time warp back to 2008 and cleverly lampoon all the environmental religious left folks who scared school children into thinking the world was going to end in the name of man-made global warming.

  • abjv

    Last week’s story was of a land swap between the Porter Heights skifield people and DOC, so they could expand the skifield and DOC gets a lump of coastal forest on Banks’ Peninsula. The spin around that press release was that the land swap had to happen – has to be “owned” land for the skifield, a 50-year lease wasn’t good enough as the banks needed to know the operation would still be there in 50 years time. I recall Porter Heights as the poor cousin of the SI skifields – reduced season, relatively low base, not like Mt Hutt, Treble Cone, Cardrona etc. The sort of field that would be hit first if global warming stopped the snow coming.
    Looks like there’s at least one skifield operator prepare to invest heavily in a bet that the snow will continue to come, and some banks somewhere prepared to back them in this gamble.

    • Jeremy Thomson

      More heat=more evaporation from oceans=more precipitation (rain, snow).
      Eventually the planet reaches a new equilibrium where the extra heat absorbed by increased c02 is countered by the increased albedo (reflectivity) caused by increased snowfall. With C02 levels continually on the rise that eventual equilibrium point will be at an ever hotter temperature. No one is predicting above freezing temperatures for the entire planet, so snow will still happen and likely increase.
      So far the climate is tracking the extreme end of IPCC projections for an eventual 4.5 degrees warming. If that skifield doesnt get colder than -4.5 then I would say its development is a bad long (200+ years?) term investment.

  • whafe

    Being a farmer, I can assure you that it is bullshit this GW thingy, enough that they now call it climate change, because they knew Global Warming was selling us the steamy brown stuff…

    Vegetables are very sensitive to overall temperature etc change. If anything it is getting colder.. Last year we had a shit load more frosts than normal, as the previous year too (Matamata Area)…. But Franklin was cooler also…..

    These Pinko’s talk so much shit, they now believe their own shit to be oh so true… Amazing really

  • gooner
  • raider580

    As ther are only 4 parts of carbon dioxide in 10,000 which one should we get rid of first, three, two, four or one.

  • mark72

    With that TV show you do with him, I thought you and Bomber were mates.

  • jimbob

    Thanks for that Whale. According to Anthony Watts the odds favour a cooler climate in years to come due to the Sun’s slowing activity. Along with the second phase of the global financial crisis, Barry getting his marching orders in 2012, the climate change pin heads are on borrowed time.

  • Mr. Infinity

    I’m waiting for them to blame the earthquake on it.