Cunliffe still building his leadership potential

You may have seen a small comment from someone on Kiwiblog about the Cunliffe interview on RNZ. Here is my take on Cunliffe’s psoturing.

It is nothing more than additional big spending promises from Labour on top of their other big spending promises.

In the interview on Morning Report with David Cunliffe the points of note were:

  • Reminding listeners that the fresh fruit and vege GST gimmick is worth only $6 a week (at best) to households.
  • Claims Labour would raise the minimum wage ‘significantly’ ‘very quickly’. (If they were serious about this they had none long years to do something about it and never did and at what cost to employers and jobs?)
  • Says Labour’s tax changes would be worth $10 a week ‘within five years’. (Whoopee!)
  • Claims he has a fully costed set of policies (Yeah right!)

So, Labour’s looking at a maximum $16 by 2016 as a ‘down-payment’.  Notably, Mr Cunliffe doesn’t rule out more borrowing, but points to debt repayments ‘over the forecast period’.

We’re left none-the wiser about planned tax increases, extra borrowing, or how Labour would collect the mythical billions in taxes that ‘rich pricks’ are avoiding.

Perhaps this was all a cynical attempt to bolster Cunliffe’s fading leadership hopes.


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  • abjv

    GST off fruit and veges is a Winston type policy – good headline, easy to sell, no substance and won’t work.

    Let’s say, market price for apples today is $5.60 per kg. That is because there are enough people prepared to pay $5.60 for them. Take GST off apples, doesn’t alter the number of people prepared to pay $5.60, price won’t fall, all you’ve done is subsidise the two supermarket chains. And that is a real crap thing to spend my tax dollars on, given that it is their duopoly that has created the problem with the price of food in the first place.

    If you want to make an impact, take the GST off something worth about $40 to $50 per week ($2K per year) where the price isn’t dictated by the market. My rates bill is something like that amount. Or vehicle reggo plus the excise duty on petrol plus road user charges… Add in the ACC earner premium.

    There’s plenty of stuff adding up to about $2K per year you could take the GST off, and make sure the saving actually went into the pocket of the spender.

    Also – and this one is for Phil – please stop talking about “GST-exempt”. The correct term is “zero rated”. If you don’t understand the difference, talk to someone who does. Or ask those same supermarket chains you want to subsidise, about the difference and what GST-exempt would mean for their systems and processes…

    • reid

      Also – and this one is for Phil – please stop talk­ing about “GST-exempt”. The cor­rect term is “zero rated”.

      I asked them which it is was on Red Alert when they first announced abjv and as I recall their answer it was exempt. Yes, I know. I told them that too.

  • whafe

    It is all a total bore hearing all the Labour BS, it just goes on and on and on till the breaker breaker dawn….

    In the end, no one will give a toss about Labour, in fact that has more or less happened already….

    Goff / Labour best sort their shit and announce something radical and back it up with some factual policies etc…. Useless fuckers..

  • David Cunliffe:

    Halcyon days
    Bronze walls strong rising
    From lime green glimmer.
    White towers and golden domes –
    Revelries and reveries
    Reflect in sleepy waters.
    Forget me not
    For I am Harvard
    And I am yours.

    For one short year or two
    I suckled you
    With potent milk
    Of truth and learning.
    You know my strength
    You know my weakness.
    They are in you
    For I am Harvard
    And I am yours.

    I did not teach you
    Your most important lessons,
    Of life and love
    And learning with your peers.
    Go now forever different –
    My driven sons and daughters
    Relaxed, impassioned, persevered.
    Go now and take me with you
    For you are Harvard
    And you are yours.

    Pretentious? Moi?

  • thor42

    Nothing new whatsoever from Cunliffe. Just about every party says the same things when they’re in Opposition. Make “motherhood and apple pie” noises about “raising the minimum wage” and vague comments about “tax changes”. Yawn.
    These co-called “policies” are about as appetising as cold mince on toast.

  • gazzaw

    Are Cunliffe and Goff so bloody naive that they don’t realise that the last thing that the supermarkets would do is pass the GST savings on to consumers. Labour’s solution to that would of course be to set up another Ministry administered by party hacks & staffed by campfollowers to enforce compliance with the inevitable results.

  • reid

    A very acute assessment of David I thought was when I heard someone describe someone as “one of those people who probably would have enjoyed being on the German side during WWII” and that’s when I started calling him Silent-T.

    Normally I feel his interviews have such a slick membrane of almost imperceptible slime it’s almost as if you don’t know you’ve been licked and this one was no exception.

    I feel the creature is growing in power however, as if he’s coiled and ready to strike.

    He’s such a gutless wonder though that when Trev feels a bit better he’ll just not say anything at all for awhile.

    It’s quite exciting, isn’t it.

    • Mr. Infinity

      one of those peo­ple who prob­a­bly would have enjoyed being on the Ger­man side dur­ing WWII

      Phew, where’d you hear that? Out of curiosity.

      • reid

        It was at my club Mr. Infinity.

        I’m afraid that’s all I’m allowed to say.

  • chiefsfan73

    Wow, listened to the interview, is this all Liarbor have. I note silent T raved on about the things govt had a direct impact on, he threw in smokes and grog because the % increase was significant. Often those who struggle to feed their kids, and we always hear about these battlers from opposition parties, never struggle to buy a packet if ciggies, and a jug. More fool them.
    In 9 years Labour did nothing but look after their mates, line their pockets, and in the most venal case of nest feathering, instituted UN approved, society destroying, socialist nanny stateism policies in order to feather the dear leaders nest.
    As is often the case with Labour it is about saying they will do the right thing, or trying to appear as if they are. In Victoria, State Labour wasted enourmous amounts of taxpayers hard earnt on promises to make Victoria the leader in renewable energy, yet for all the money and photo ops, they have increased power from renewables by around 1/3%.
    No wonder people use the expression Liarbour.

  • paulus12

    Cunliffe and Goff should be looking very carefully over their collective shoulders at Little Andrew and Maid Marion. The though makes me shudder.