Custer's Last Stand

Hide's Last Stand

As expected from a man as cunning as a shithouse rat, Rodney has been working in his bunker to try to use the “Roy play” on Brash. Unfortunately for Rodney the bunker is leaking like a sieve because his loyal staffers know the writing is on the wall for Rodney and are worried about their future career prospects.

Like Rodney did to Heather Roy he is trying to come up with evidence to show he is not a weasel and has not mislead the media. Expect documents to be circulated showing Brash has lied. Media members shopped this story should ask for provenance of all documents,when they were created (from the meta tags) and whether his bunker has worked long hours creating something that did not exist until very recently.  The media should also ask if there is anyone other than Rodney that thinks he can hold Epsom and lift the party vote enough to give National backbone.

Rodney needs to be careful with any dodgy plays because the tipline is running so hot that it is practically on fire. This includes some information about his destruction of Heather Roy’s career that would not play out kindly for Rodney. He should remember carefully how he used me in that play.

In a continuation of the “Roy play”, Rodney is also contemplating a personal attack on Don based on his ethics. This would be a great play for Don because it would mean personal life was absolutely fair game, and I just absolutely love politicians dirty laundry being aired in public, just ask Stuart Nash and the new Mangrove Iain Lees-Galloway. Not a classical scholar, Rodney probably is unaware of William Congreve, but here are a couple of excellent quotes:

“O fie, miss, you must not kiss and tell.”

And the better known

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,”


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  • whafe

    It just stuns me how much of a selfish fuckwit Rodney Hide is being. Have to say he is acting like those stinking Pinko’s. Who do what they think is right for themselves, NOT the party or New Zealand..

    Rodney – Fuck Off now, stand down, you are no better than that Pinko Goff…..

  • Brash is a damn fool to get mixed up in this skulduggery. Once again he shows he’s not up to the mark when it comes to political strategies.

    Common sense says he forgets ACT and starts a new party. Fresh and clean.

    This is just damaging bs Brash does not need, and he should bloody well know that.

    • adolffiinkensein

      RB, maybe yesteryear’s bumblefoot needs the electoral cash which comes with an existing party?

      • Keep on spinning the National party line, Adolf. Fact is, the man single-handedly saved your party a year or two back, and the fools currently occupying the treasury benches are terrified of his return, for he will show them up for the idiots they are. Especially the Keynesian twat who currently holds the Ministerial Warrant for the Finance portfolio.

        Brash, in whatever guise, is going to take a significant portion of National supporters; those who got suckered by Quisling Key and who are sick to death of the endless pandering to the party of apartheid and the timidity over the economy.

        • Adolf’s right though TGG; existing parties, even unsuccessful ones, get an allocation of broadcasting time. New parties do not have that luxury until the following election where their allocation is based on the way they performed first time around. I was only half joking when I suggested at the weekend that the Bill and Ben Party could easily become the Ben and Don Party, given that Bill is no longer a candidate.

  • Mike Readman

    Sounds logical Redbaiter, but that’s what I like about Brash. Things he does like this show he’s not a true politician – that’s who I want to see in power.

  • thehoff

    Surely making Don Brash head of the ACT Party is a no-brainer?…

  • Brash with a new party will get twice the votes of Brash with ACT.

    I reckon maybe 7-8% with ACT- as opposed to 15-20% with a new party. Especially one that confronts National’s subservience to the racist (Maori) party.

    • tooright

      Unless in Act Brash can’t get access to media in an election campaign. Law designed to favor the incumbents. The electoral finance act prevents a new party a comparable share cf. the encumbents free allocations. As I say all designed to keep the power with the few. Neither Obama nor The Don(ald) as in Trump could start in NZ from their financial base.

      • This was the ACT David Farrar was against before he was for right? The one promoted by Simon Power.

        • tooright

          That’s right. Farrar and Power hated it and said it would be removed – until they (re)enacted it. Wayne Kerrs

  • whafe

    If Brash can get busy on it and get a good relationship going with senior ACT peeps, that will get more media I would suggest than that of a total new party…..

    I too agree that Brash would easily grab a fair few National supporters…. Those of whom are anything to the right in this country need ACT…. That alone will garner up support, or it dam well should…..

    Again: Rodney Fuck Off & move aside

  • thor42

    Isn’t it possible for ACT to **fire** Hide? **Surely** it must be possible to do so!
    It’s time that this was sorted out once and for all.

  • Mike Readman

    The board could kick him out of the party, but the president for one, would rather Hide remained as leader and Brash started his own party. I don’t see how that’s in the best interests of the party.

  • roger

    Cam are you on meds, fuck who gives a shit, DASH opps brash a senior trougher opps he is a old age pensioner ,SHIT from the past SHIT NOW (brash a rubbish public servant)(i printed Nickeys H book(secrets and liars) about him(astra print) many reprints as a trades man the trougher brash is crap(rubbish)and hyde,hide a bald fucker who no one gives a shit about anything (A TROUGHER) , CAM you have to get out more, its like talking about toe nails or baggy underpants
    the next election
    PS they are all shit ,i will never vote again …………………………for the full stop idiots
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for the other idiots :-) CHEERS

    • whafe

      Sheesh roger, pull your head in, say what you like, but make it readable….

    • Goodness Roger, with insight like that it’s no wonder you’re at #1 on the Greens’ list!

    • tooright

      I think you’ve got someone else’s meds. Check the labels mate before you go too far. Perhaps ask to have them in a blister pack next time – much safer. Then once you’re calm – type with both hands.

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  • thor42

    bloody hell i think im channeling roger damned blackcaps couldn’t do a pissup in a brewery and dont you know elvis is alive and well i saw him last night at the pub

  • alien

    it will come down to who is writing the Cheques , it would be wise for A.C.T and for Rodney Hide,for him to step aside . if he doesn’t ,then its all over rover for A.C.T .. who will take them seriously after this… a new party for the right????? i guess Dr brash will taking a lot of A.C.T money his way too… bye bye Mr Hide

  • alien

    plus Rodney is an ugly looking fucker if i have ever seen one… what was his wife thinking…hahaha

  • madcow

    Hide’s appearance on Willy Jackson’s “Media Bites” last week was gold. He was dressed like a gruppy and at one point seemed to be losing it a series of high pitched exclamations like someone suffering from tourettes.

  • kehua

    Brash was the reason National nearly toppled the Clark Govt? Bullshit… the corrupt Clarke Govt was the reason National almost toppled Clark. I am perplexed that Brash the ex-bureaucrat can come out from underneath his stone and have people regard him as the next Political Messiah when in fact he was a politcal no one, neither comfortable in the House or out of it. National should wake up, get all its eggs in the basket ,go hard and win Epsom, same thing in Ohariu and simultaneously get rid of both the fool Hide and the Act party and also send Mr `sit on the fence`Dunne packing all in one hit. For Gods sake Labour are on their knees , the Greens are same old….. and Key is Leader of the most popular Govt in years

  • lulu

    Brash for Act Leader

    Its business time