Does Carol Beaumont support hand guns for girls?

Carol Beaumont (Caropotamus) is upset at cuts to self defence classes for girls.

A decision to scrap the funding for one of New Zealand’s most successful self defence programmes will put vulnerable girls and young women at risk, says Labour’s spokesperson for Youth Affairs, Jacinda Ardern and Labour’s spokesperson for Women’s Affairs Carol Beaumont.

Of course Caril misses the point that if labour hadn’t been soft on crime during their nine long, hard, years in power then women and girls wouldn’t need self defence courses.

If the general citizenry was allowed at the very least to have mace or pepper spray then they would be a whole lot safer than lame self defence courses. The best defence though would be the ability to open carry.

No one ever raped a .38

Self Defence Classes suck



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  • peterwn

    Dad told his mother to keep a long hatpin (ouch!) near the front door. oubt the cops could nab a woman for possessing a hat pin if it was through her hat.

  • Mr Blobby

    Why would vulnerable girls and young women be at risk, more so than any other citizen?
    Like everybody else they just need to dial 111 and wait for the Police to come and sort it out.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Surprised at you on this one Whale. Have a decent look at the issue. I reckon doing stuff to stop girls being abused is good. Maybe needs to be supported rather than having the piss taken out of it.

    • Trevor, you should know by now that my M.O. is iconoclastic.

  • pharmachick

    As a Kiwi living in America for almost 10 years, this is the VERY FIRST TIME that I have *ever* understood or sympathized with the NRA/gun lobby … and that is my 100% visceral (positive) reaction to the combined graphic & text in this post.
    Dammit ….
    Now, I have to go, sit down and parse this [very emotional and highly effective] picture and my response to it and wonder about my morals and ethics.

  • Mr. Infinity

    Did you see Roger Kerr, Mallard? Cuts now, big ones, the only way to avoid a massive problem. I think he knows a bit more about the economy than a bunch of brainless unionists, idiotic and pointless feminazis and of course, a gaggle of gays.

    Spending needs to be cut heartlessly, for the best.

  • sexybeast

    LOVE the T-shirt.

    I note that in the ACC legislation their is no provision for “self defence instructor” but ACC can pay for nutritionalists, counsellors, doctors. It would be nice if sex abuse victims had more practical options to feel safer after violation other than dialoguing all lifes issues. I’d rather spend time learning to take out some guys crotch than sobbing helplessly about my issues any day.