Does this mean that Labour have given up?

On TVNZ yesterday:

Goff yesterday said he believed Labour could win 40% of the vote, giving it 48 MPs.

The last time Labour got 40% in an opinion poll was 17 November 2007. Since 2008 the only time Labour has got out of the 30s in polling was when they were in the 20s. In the immortal words of Darryl Kerrigan:

Next Phil will be telling us that “It’s the vibe of the thing“.


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  • sooty

    He is dreaming!!! Whats different with the Labour caucus front bench today, than when old snaggle tooth was the leader of the gaggle of gays?

  • roger

    Cam you are dreaming and deluded :-( Cam you are now a poorly paid worker(you DO work ) cam you are not a bludger???? are you.Your good mate billy english(rubbish from the past) is telling the world we are paid less than china and india, so now its official we are now a poor shit ripped of rorted third world country to work in (if you have a job)The billy and hone act.Under hone keystheman who has ripped(opps earned)yer right$500000000000000000(includes his rorts bribes and wages) in the money market from the collapsed dealer markets that he played in,reinbursed by obama,from the working people of the world

    • abjv

      Roger should meet up wih Tart. Their kids would be ‘interesting’

    • gaskranken

      Roger that. Power will always be about the quest to do the rogering and avoid being rogered and we know which side you’re on eh Rog?

  • Mr Blobby

    Ouch, don’t listen to him Whale, you can dream the dream.

  • gazzaw

    Roger, have you gone AWOL from your weekend leave again?

  • Doug

    Is roger suffering withdrawal symptoms with Inventory on Holliday?

  • Mr. Infinity

    roger, where did you learn to write/count/analysis economics/form a coherent sentence? It really does speak to the all round low level of intelligence possessed by the left. Then again, all that booze and that P and those welfare cheques and sessions sucking Goff’s dick can’t leave a man in the best mental state.

  • roger

    cam is the person with problems with ripoff fidility insurance not me

    • gaskranken

      Keep digging Rog, it may not seem like it at times but you are making progress -you can always go deeper though eh?

  • Doug
    • Mr. Infinity

      Awesome. Bookmarked.