Duck Night at Hamills

Last night was Duck Night at Hamills Manukau held in conjunction with Beretta. There were about 350 people in attendance including heaps of kids. It was pretty much standing room only.

Beretta had a review of a number of their range of guns with an explanation of the various benefits of each by Chris Ziesler. They showed Beretta, Benelli and Franchi shotguns explaining the differences between the gas operated and inertia driven guns along with the recoil suppressing capabilities of the differing stock and gun designs. Chris also talked about the excellent Avery Decoys from Mallards up to life size Canada Goose decoys along with their accessories.

The paint detail and colours on all the decoys are very realistic, with the fully flocked decoys acknowledged to maintain the most natural appearance of any decoy in the market. Greenhead Gear decoys are available in two sizes including Life-Size and Over-Sized with various floating and full body options.

The Harvester™ Pack, available for both goose and duck, combines the most universal and successful body-style ratios in a 12 (duck) or 6 (goose) packs. It’s the perfect way to build a spread from scratch or add several different “looks” without breaking the bank.

There were two duck calling competitions, one for kids and one for adults. About 15 kids entered and they did a really great job. One kid came kitted out in full camo including tree branches in his hat. He won the best dressed kid competition.

I also caught up with a friend from my old primary school days. There

Everyone who spent $100 went into the draw for a Beretta AL391 Urika Basic shotgun worth $1999 and the tills were going great guns. The box for entries was packed to the gunnels. Everyone was waiting for the draw at 9:30pm.

The rules were simple, you had to have spent at least $100 with Hamills in the past month (every $100 spent gave you another entry, be in attendance and have your firearms licence with you. Chris Ziesler stirred up the thousands of entries and pull out a name…they called the name and waited…and waited and called again, the person wasn’t in attendance. The audience called, some might say a little swiftly, for a re-draw. Chris dipped his arm into the box again and pulled out the winning name. This person was in attendance, and did have his firearms licence and was in desperate need of a shotgun for some upland game hunting coming soon….

Duck Night at Hamills with Beretta NZ

Zee, me, Chris Ziesler and Toni with my new Beretta AL391 Urika

I was stoked…and I just couldn’t believe it I needed a shotgun…and literally fell into my lap. There were plenty more draws for prizes off the table, from hats, gloves, camo gear, duck slings and a whole lot more.

It was a great night, made even better by winning a gun. Many thanks to Chris and AJ from Beretta NZ and to Zee and Toni at Hamills Manukau. I now get to look forward to reviewing the gun in a future Wednesday Weapons or Friday Firepower.


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  • cactuskate1

    Take note people – this is a picture of Whaleoil “stoked”. Spanish Bride, please explain.

    • He has something long and hard between his legs Cactus so yes that is him ‘ stoked ‘
      To get a smile, well that would be telling ;)

  • grantmichaelmckenna

    You lucky, lucky bastard.

  • alien

    its nice to know …that as a political blogger ,who has , lets say . a dislike for a number of people out there , is given a shotgun as a prize ….nice… whale!!! I’m sure that a lot of people will sleep much safer tonight, and in the next few weeks. Untill the ducks fly… then watch out ..ducks ……good on ya, nice win ………and as Grant said lucky , lucky bastard…..

  • spiker

    ya lucky bugga