Fair and Honest

David Farrar is having a whinge about the tactics of Don Brash. It seems he doesn’t like them and suggest a fairer way for Don Brash to conduct his coup. David alludes to his role in the Brash coup over Bill English, however he doesn’t state that essentially he was the last man stading beside Bill English as Brash’s coup rolled over the top of Bill English…the quintessential numbers man, the colour sergeant holding the flag bravely upright as the team are slaughtered to a man.

There are great many similarities between 2003 and now. Of course there is Don Brash as the common denominator but the tactics and the plans are pretty much the same. Don Brash is a honourable and up-front man. He stated to Bill English that he was going to challenge him, he did in in the open and then set about doing precisely what he said he would do. He is fdoing the same for Rodney Hide. Both and Hide and English, Farrar as well, are old school “one front” type of politicians who sit down inside the bunker and start to trry to combat the enemy without poking their heads out occaisonally to guage intelligence and the lay of the battlefield. Eventually they get rolled over as the momentum sweeps them away.

The tactics that Don Brash is employing are honest. Bill English and Rodney Hide want them to be fair. There is a difference.

Politics isn’t about being fair it is about winning. You can win by cheating and lying and making stuff up or you can win by being honest. Honesty has nothing to do with fairness. You can be honest but tilt the playing field or battle-field to continue the analogy and make the battle unfair. This is what Don Brash is doing. He has clearly got a strategy and he has clearly got good intelligence. He knows how Rodney Hide plays and he knows how ACT plays. His stratgy, playing out in the one and in the media might not be fair but it is honest.

Don’s strategy is deliberately being played through the media to be on the front foot. open and honest, but not fair. ACT is notorious for leaking and airing its dirty laundry through various media hacks, furtive, sneaky and again not fair. Don Brash is only allowing ACT to vent to flush out those who he doesn’t want in the team when he takes charge. Yesterday I posted a picture of Custer’s Last Stand which is exactly the right imagery for what Don Brash is doing to Rodney Hide.

Rodney hates being out played by the media and will utilise his every media resource to shop and sell his furtive and sneaky attacks. This won’t work while the other player…a chess player versus Rodney’s draughts playing abilities…is playing out his stratrgy in the open. Honest but Not Fair.

Farrar’s suggestions are the wrong type of strategy. He still thinks along the war of attrition ‘one front’ methodology. With ACT, you are dealing with hit and run guerrillas. You have to trick them to flush them out when and where you want them. Don’s honest and not fair strategy is doing precisely that.

That is the difference. You can see it in many battles including local selections. Those that play honest and fair usually lose. The two positions are almost mutually exclusive in politics. The cheat, the liar and muck-raker will beat an honest and fair player every time. However if an honest player starts tilting the game in their favour turning the game into one that is unfair in their favour then Honest and Not Fair will usually prevail over furtive and not fair.


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  • There’s just one flaw to your argument WO; Don Brash is no Sitting Bull.

    IMHO Brash’s biggest glitch to date has been his refusal to join Act. It really is small-minded of him to think that he can just walk in and assume the leadership when he’s not prepared to join the party unless his demands are met. In my experience, it’s always easier to effect change from within the tent rather than without.

    If Brash comes in and ousts Hide now, the Hide loyalists will move out, and the Hide haters will move back in. The big question is this; will that actually benefit Act in the long run?

  • FWIW, I’ve been convinced over the past few days Brash would be better off starting a new party (the tilted playing field viz. TV-time, etc. notwithstanding), There are just too many liberal fuckwits in ACT for a Conservative to succeed. But that isn’t the thrust of this comment.

    It is that to which you referred, Whale. Farrar is English’s man. He has absolutely no objectivity on this issue and his commentary should be disregarded out of hand.

    Not only that, in his post to which you linked, he is shamelessly parrotting Key’s propaganda (‘I want to do what Don wants, but I prefer to take the electorate with me’). It’s bullshit, of course. If you wait until everyone is ready for reform, you’ll be dead before you get off the ground.

    And that’s the big pink elephant in the corner of the room. NZ is broke and getting more so. Everyone knows it, although few admit it and nobody is prepared to do anything about it. This, I think, is where Brash will really come in. He will identify the big pink elephant and force government to deal with it.

    That, and of course he makes English look like the complete lightweight fucking idiot he is.

  • consumist

    as a ex-ACT ‘Liberal Fuckwit’ I’m looking forward to Brash leading ACT, hell, I’ll even rejoin the party if he can cleanse the party. I agree with Cam about Brash’s strategy, that’s why his campaign is smart, it shows the clear contrast between his probable style of leadership and Rodney’s. Open and honest vs deluded and underhanded.

  • The liberals will kill off any economically conservative agenda Brash chooses to bring with him. Those who think drug law liberalisation and sodomite marriage are the big issues facing New Zealand today will cloud Brash’s economic message such that it will give Quisling Key the excuse he needs (irrespective of the feeling in the electorate) to continue ignoring ACT. One more reason why it’s better for Brash to start afresh, potentially with the best ACT has ever had to offer (Muriel Newmand and Lindsay Mitchel, if he can get ’em).

    • Mr. Infinity

      “Sodomite marriage”? Really? What next you’re going to start calling Key a whig?

      • Use whatever term you like. Homosexual. Gay. Alternative lifestyle.

        My point was it is far from the biggest issue facing the country right now. Wouldn’t even make the top 100. Despite what the liberals would have us believe.

    • terryg

      wow, you’re interested in my marriage? my wife LOVES it up the bum :)

      Its pretty clear the only people who have a problem with homosexuality are the jesus worshippers (hint: there are no gods)
      If you dont like gays, dont have sex with them. there, solved it for you.

      • You clearly failed to graduate from the special school. Your reading comprehension is almost NCEA level. Read what I wrote you fucktard.

        I did not say anything about not liking gays. I did not make any comment about them or their lifestyle. What I object to is wet liberals who seem to think the issue of gay marriage is one of the two biggest issues facing New Zealand today.

  • cadwallader

    Whether he is a member or not is irrelevant as ACT invited him in as a “co-Leader.” He’s (all but) already inside the tent. There’s nothing to suggest Brash started this process.

  • digit

    inventory2 – Brash was a National party member when Act were actively pursuing him… and now its not ok him belonging to the National party?

  • roger

    Don Brash, the old rake, a liar and a cheater in regards to his marrage IE a cur, a tossier
    i printed (secrets and liars)the book several times at **** print in another life as a Printing machinist tradesman before my job like many others went to asia under creativeNZ and the market and the dumb free trade fuckups, under this fucker , i hope brash gets prostate cancer and departs stage right as he was shit then and is a old fart now.
    CHECK OUT DON your mates dont like you neather does Nicky Haggar and the nats

    • Mr. Infinity

      Have you added a dose of meth to the booze today, woger?

  • Paws, I mean roger. Interesting to see you’re still around.

  • davidgarrett

    “I hope Brash gets prostate cancer”…you’re not Clark are you Roger?

  • thor42

    As much as I like the policies of ACT, I won’t be voting for them if Hide is still the leader on election day.
    The Reform Party has similar policies but without the Rodney Hide stink. Very tempted to opt for them.

  • reid

    Hey if Brash gets in as Leader, a lot of people have had a gutsful of Liarbore-Lite to vote for ACT in a flash. He only needs one in twenty voters. With Ansell on the campaign team and Douglas behind the scenes as well, it would be fantastic.

    Lots and lots of conservatives want to send a message to National and Key but not by weakening it, rather by simply, sending a message.

    I was going to do so party-vote-wise anyway cause ACT cannot not be in Parliament and Quinn is my Nat MP but if ACT stand a decent candidate against Mallard then I’ll give em both. Fuck Liarbore-Lite, unless there is no other possible alternative, is my current attitude. Smile and wave has destroyed their political balls and made them into vapid shallow brainless moronic lightweight populists. Yuk. What are ya?

    This is going to be a great election.

  • NX

    With respect IV2 – when the party is polling just over 1% who cares about such technicalities. Beside, Dr Brash’s classic liberal principles are well and truly nailed to the flag.

    I think Whale Oil’s analysis is dead right in this case.

    I was motivated to comment on this thread because the political analysis offered by DPF and IV2 have fallen short of their usual high standards by focusing on technicalities, as well as Brash’s age.

    Also – WhaleOil – a Brash lead Act party will be a major blow to your campaign against MMP.

    • @ NX – I make no pretence of being able to produce political analysis of high (or any) standard. I write what I think.

      I guess there is a precedent for Brash’s takeover of Act; check this out:

      Andy Leslie had a remarkable promotion to the All Blacks in 1974. Not only was he called into the All Blacks at the advanced age of 29, having been typecast in most judgements as a good and worthy provincial player, but he was also made the captain.

      Making the sudden Leslie elevation even more stunning was his promotion to captaincy, which had been forecast only by a handful of pundits, was that it came at the expense of New Zealand’s best player of the time, the extremely popular Ian Kirkpatrick.

      But the All Black coach of the time, John Stewart, having been downhearted by some poor results in his first season in charge, in 1973, had decided that a desperate situation required a radical remedy.

      Hence, for the team to tour Australia early in 1974 Stewart and his selectors included 15 new All Blacks, axed some notable internationals, including Sid Going, and replaced Kirkpatrick as captain.

      Despite a fine record leading some outstanding Petone club sides Leslie at the time had never been the appointed Wellington captain, leading the provincial side only occasionally when the incumbents had been absent.

      Having played more than 100 first class games for Wellington, including an unbroken sequence of 96 in 1968-73, Leslie was actually contemplating retirement. He reasoned that having received All Black trials in 1972-73 he had reached the limit of his ability. But his calm, unassuming manner had appealed to Stewart.

      As a No 8, even by the standards of the 1970s when players generally were much smaller than their modern counterparts, Leslie was probably not quite big enough at interntional level. Though an excellent athlete he had the build of a greyhound, standing around 1.87m but weighing only a little more than 90kg.

      But Leslie surprised his many critics, who were irked with his selection ahead of Alan Sutherland and Alex Wyllie, by proving to be a competent performer at test level. In the 1974-76 seasons he formed an effective back row with Kirkpatrick, who without the cares of captaincy produced some of his best form in those seasons, and the openside flank specialist Ken Stewart.

      There; is that better? The NZRU piece refers to JJ Stewart taking a desperate remedy, and I guess that Act’s situation is pretty desperate right now …

  • james

    Brash is more of a classic liberal than he is a conservative….. social liberalism and economic liberalism are corollaries….they go together in a free market.

    The stench of bigots like the Gantt guy is not what ACT needs hanging around if its to grow its vote.The futures young and liberal….if you fail to tap into that you are gone.

    • reid

      james my reading at the mo is this election is going to be all about the economy.

      Why do you call him a bigot BTW?

      Pink elephants? So what.

      I call people mental.

      Does that make me a bi-mental-got? :)

      I wish I knew all of the emoticon symbols. That’s a real skill.

      • James & Reidtard (see dickhead, I can do the name calling thing too)

        Read what I wrote. I made no comment about the lifestyle anybody chooses to lead. My comment was that wet liberals seemt to believe the two issues of homosexual marriage and drug law liberalisation are the two biggest issues facing New Zealand today.

        My comment was not about homosexuals, except in a peripheral sense. It was about wet liberal panty-waist fuckwits such as yourselves.

        Thanks for reminding me why I don’t live in NZ any longer.

  • lulu

    Brash for Act Leader.

    Lets go.

  • Brash is too damn honest to succeed in NZ. What probably happened is there were whispers about him standing for ACT, he was rung by a journalist and told them the truth – that he saw ACT as badly damaged by Hide and wanted to move him on.

    I’m firmly in the Brash camp. Prebs had the decency to quit when it became apparent he was no longer going to lead the party to any form of victory. Hide should do the same.

  • heyjude

    Don Brash is the single best thing that could happen for the ACT Party. I simply cannot believe they did not jump at the chance immediatley. Why on earth are they still talking? Do they want to stay small and irrelevant?

    I for one will vote ACT with Don Brash at the helm.

  • ltchop

    I joined ACT in the very early days as I saw it as a beacon of politic not as usual – how bad did it get …. well the idealogy went in the first year and the policies disappear pretty soon after.
    What amuses me is that Brash and his supporters are talking about a party that could attract a following of 15 maybe 25%. What planet or substance are they on ? The reality is thy MAY attract a following of 3 or 4 % and if well organised at an electorate level may win a seat. My experience with these personalities is they know nothing of political organisation – think the world is run through opinion polls and market research – oh what fools Wa ‘il has a point when he talks about listening the the old political hard heads – it takes more than a brash swallow to make a summer !

    • Mike Readman

      Well, Labour for 9 years was ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY poll driven, and they won three times!

  • clintheine

    The Gantt Guy is everything wrong with politics. I love it that he thinks he can get away with calling people sodomites and then expects people to listen to him? Between you and Russell Redbaiter we have quite the sexually frustrated duo.
    “Cleansing” ACT to get rid of the liberals? Why don’t you just join National?

    • Riiight. We live in a time when the National Party government is spending like a drunk sailor on shore leave, on Liarbore’s pork-barrel welfare policies. When National members look more like Greens and there isn’t one National caucus member who has the faintest idea the founding principles of the party. When the current deputy ‘led’ the party to the worst defeat in its history, then knifed his successor (who, but for rampant breaches of electoral law and with the help of an insider in his own part) to install a smiling, waving buffoon with no more strategy for the country than a sheep in a field. And I’m what’s wrong with politics in NZ, because I don’t think the liberals’ two sacred cow policies should be on the agenda?

      Clint, you’re seriously deranged. You should join the Libertarianz.

  • peterwn

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Looks like Don Brash is now into phase 3 (‘then they fight you’).

  • peterwn