Goff's leadership strengthened with latest poll

Phil Goff’s leadership will be strengthened further with the latest 3News/Reid research poll tonight. It is their lowest poll result since 1996.

National’s lead is now 30 points.

National 57.5% up 2.9%
Labour 27.1 % down 3.8%
Greens 7.7% down 0.5%
NZ First 2.8% down 0.5
Act %1.7 up %1.1%
Maori Party  2.5% up

Preferred PM

John Key: 52.4%
Phil Goff: 6.8%

Watch for Labour and their paid lap-bloggers spin this as a rogue poll. It’ll be the 571st rogue poll though since 2005. Bear in mind that whenever Labour were doing badly in the polls under Helen Clark they would always claim that TV3’s poll was the most accurate.


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  • thor42

    Heh…. even Act are up, but Labour are down! **Great!**

  • Doug

    The Standard are already at it, It’s the Polling Company’s fault. Definitely not Damien O’Conner telling the truth “self-serving unionists” and “gaggle of gays” or Darren Hughes drinking mate running naked through the streets.

    mickysavage 16.1.1
    17 April 2011 at 8:20 pm
    The mediaworks preferred polling company does not have a great record.
    There is a wiki page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_polling_for_the_New_Zealand_general_election,_2011 which suggests that Reid Research tends to be all over the place with some polls differing by 7+ % to Roy Morgan or Colmar Brunton for the same period.
    Not good but let’s await the real poll.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Yet they used to hold the pinkos at 3 up as the most accurate. Of course now, they’re tory devils, according to the gaggle.

  • reid

    It’s quite good this will be the lead story on the Monday morning news cycle. Very handy.

    Wonder what Phil’s thinking, right now.

  • cactuskate1

    Phil must be delighted with this poll. Do we have details of other preferred PM’s? Who is ahead of Goff?

  • whafe

    This poll would not have hit home to Goof… I mean, heavens to morgatroid, nothing int he past 2 weeks has hit home to Goof…. If this doesnt, nothing will….

    Labour you pack of Pinko’s, may you get what you deserve….. A good old fashioned beating…

  • Mr. Infinity

    Hopefully this is some sort of cosmic karma for nine years of Comrade Helen.

  • deputy

    Do you think “Dead man walking” would sum up the poll result. Phil is National’s secret weapon.

  • kevin

    Did helen get a rateing?

  • kevin


  • cadwallader

    How low do Labour need to plummet before they admit to being rooted? 20%? 10%? 5%?

    Damian O’Connor would do well to stand as an independent…a pro-mining independent! He’d be good for a few thousand anti-Green votes.

    It is even more pointless than usual to go near the Standard this week as the deluded pinkos will be spinning so much shit about their terminally ill and fucked-up party that their rantings will be finitely incomprehensible.

  • cadwallader

    PS I suspect we are seeing the beginnings of a full-on collapse of the Green vote too. If they fall below 5% we’d all be better off.

    • Ciaron

      Can you imagine, widdle wusty norman screemin’ gimmeee back moi seat!

  • deputy

    Is it true that Weta Workshops obtained face moulds from members of the Green Party for the the next horror movie Peter is making. Quite a diverse collection of Pixies, hairy faced people and Orks

    • steve

      Mork is more popular than Goof

  • kehua

    Joking aside, if we are heading into a landslide come November it is imperative that the Candidate screening process is robust for the bottom 30 on the National Party List, we don`t want a bunch of nutters sneaking into Parliament from ordinarily improbable placings.

    • abjv

      Its not just there. I recall some nutter tried to get the safe seat of Rodney (apologies to Lockie, but a blue carrot could probably win that one).

      Do they have enough quality people to put in the list after #50? I could think of a number of sitting MPs that would fit nicely into those lower list slots.

      Seriously, even National stalwarts shouldn’t want TOO big a majority for National. Say, hypothetically, National gets 65. That’s 33 Key has to have as Ministers, handcuffed by the shackles of ‘collective responsibility’ but drawing fat salaries. They’ve only got about 15 that are fully competent; what are the other 18 or so going to be like? Also, if National gets too many MPs, they don’t get the message they have to tidy up their Act.

  • deputy

    Agreed. New Zealand First was a good example of what can go wrong when they suddenly won many seats a few years ago. None have survived after a rocky ride. Unfortunately nutters lurk around the fringes of all parties and National needs to get its act together now.

    I believe it would be a good time for a snap election !!!

  • mediatart

    National will NOT get 57% in the election, nor will it get 55%. My guess is around 47%

    The poll alsmost certainly is right however !

    Why the difference. Well it doesnt say 57% of the voters want National. Thats after the numbers are adjusted. The number they dont give is ‘undecided’.

    And to be honest if you arent for Key now , you never will.

    Either the undecideds will go back to labour or the smaller parties.

    • whafe

      The Pinko’s will be a no show on polling day, they will be running as fast as there chubby kankles can carry them in the opposite direction to the polling boths..

  • cadwallader

    I agree Whafe! Goof is doing to the detritus of Labour what those idiot greenie protestors are doing to their loser party out on the ocean. Arse-blasting them!

    I am confident National will pull 57% on polling day,the Greens will fall below 5% and Winston First will fail, this time forever!

    Next summer will be our “Summer of true content!”

  • chiefsfan73

    If the Nats get 55% then I would expect nay, demand an end to the dodgy dealings with shitarse special interest parties, concessions to whom continue to hold NZ down.