Good stuff from new commissioner

The new Police Commissioner has started on the job and he has announced something that will get all the liberal panty-waists knickers in a knot.

Within months police can expect an easing of restrictions for using Tasers and greater access, including one in every frontline vehicle, under new Police Commissioner Peter Marshall.

He also supports more access to firearms, tougher penalties for those who assault police, and a jail term for every time a driver flees police.

But Commissioner Marshall, 57, who started a three-year term this week, is against the general arming of police, even though it is supported by the Police Association.

“It may come in the future, but nothing I’ve seen at this stage suggests to me that the public or police are going to be safer through general arming,” Commissioner Marshall said.

“What is likely is that more people will be shot by police under circumstances where other tactical options may or may not have been available.”

Excellent and good to see he is advising crims that they risk getting holes put in them. Even better is his stance on lazy senior staff.

And after critical reports last year into police culture, he put under-performing managers on notice.

“If we have people not doing the job, but more importantly, poisoning or influencing younger members, I’ll do whatever I can to move them out.”

Swing the axe Peter, swing the axe.

Tasers were only in 26 per cent of frontline vehicles, and officers had to gain permission via the communications centre to use them.

“I would like a bit more flexibility in terms of the discretion of the officers. For instance, if they were going to a domestic dispute, take the Taser just as a precaution,” Commissioner Marshall said.

“I’m not talking about having it worn all the time. But when police officers are going into a difficult situation, it makes great sense to me to take the Taser with them …”

Cops I have spoken to have said that the taser is the single most effective tool in defusing situations. As soon as the laser aimer rests on their chest the alleged crimes quiet right down.

He also supports a police proposal for lock-boxes in every frontline vehicle.

“If any police officer needs a firearm at any time, day or night, for operational reasons, he or she shall have it. [At present] only about 26 per cent have lock-boxes. I would like to see all operational vehicles with the ability to have a rifle, a glock, a Taser and ballistic armour. I don’t see any sense in [police] having to wait for another car to arrive with that equipment, or indeed for members to have to go back to the police station, as has happened.”

Very, very good start by the commissioner.






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  • thor42

    Yep, a great start. It’s **crazy** that the cops have to get permission via the comms centre to use a Taser! I completely agree that all cop cars should have a lockbox with a Taser and other goodies in it. ***Get the Tasers out there!***

  • peterwn

    This again reinforces my view that those earning more than $100,000 per year (cut off probably at inspector or superintendent level) should be excluded from employment legislation. This would allow the new Commissioner to chop out senior dead-wood.

  • sbm1234

    as if there was any doubt he was right in what he is saying

  • gaskranken

    I went through police college with him in the late seventies, the 77 intake far as I can recall, he is a good bloke more cop than broad ever was and prefers policing to politics, backs his staff 100 per cent.

    • Ministry of Justice

      How do you think he will behave when Police staff act unlawfully or illegally?

      Do you think he will be loyal to his staff or to the law?

      • cadwallader

        What a stupid question: Being loyal to the law by definition means being loyal to the staff!

        • That’s a loaded statement. Backing up the staff in their individual decisions rather than calling a staff member out for illegal conduct. This is what we have had for years – they look after their own. So no changes coming. They can continue to do what they please, knowing that their transgressions will remain uninvestigated or unprosecuted. Pfft.

      • gaskranken

        He’s not about to approve of staff pulling free sex off hookers to let them off their traffic fines if you know what I mean MOJ

        • Ministry of Justice

          The example you give is a criminal action. Hopefully he would do more than just not approve. If Police staff act criminally he should seek prosecution.

          Do you think he would admit fault and discipline his staff if they were to act unlawfully or illegally; or do you think he will continue the cover up culture?

  • steve

    The Police car should have everything needed to stop an arsehole. Tazer, pistol/s, shotgun/s, teargas, spikes, holding chains with shackles.
    Well maybe not all Police cars. But on a refuse to confirm or deny if those weapons are on board.
    Signwright the cars, “This Police Vehicle is totaly armed 3 nights each week, you choose which night”
    Get the idea Mr Policeman? The arseholes are out of control so do something

  • giblet

    I had occasional professional contact with Peter Marshall back in the 90’s and enjoyed working with him, I was always impressed by his maturity and intellect, it really was a cut-above the average copper.

    What i did not enjoy was at social functions that we both attended women would swoon around him him, to my exclusion!

    He really is a great choice for Commissioner because he is focused on results, not politics. Unlike his predecessors, he will leave a legacy worth recalling.

  • peterwn

    I cannot help thinking that the former Commissioner failed to notice that there had been a change of government.

  • titanuranus

    Dumping the Tazer,but attaching the laser aimer to the Glock seems like a win/win solution to me.

  • gazzaw

    Great choice, Crusher! Any chance you can take over Justice when Simon Power departs and do a job on the liberal tossers in the judiciary?