Hacked? What a load crap

The PSA is spinning like a top after their social media experiment got smashed by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. They are now claiming that their site was hacked.

PSA spinning like a top

There was no hacking, they just got played by better organised and more dedicated activists. If they were any good they would have built a better site and run a better campaign. They didn’t and now they are making pathetic excuses for their PR disaster.

In true socialist fashion they have now removed all the mock billboards that didn’t suit their world view. Now you know why they supported the Electoral Finance Act, they simply don’t believe in freedom of expression.

What would be really “nice to have” is a union that is focussed in helping it’s membership not paying silly political games.

UPDATE: As of 15:00 the site is gone. Dead, 404.


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  • Underestimate the VRWC at your peril. The PSA should have known that, so they are the authors of their own misfortune.

  • Inv, watch your grammar please. It should be:

    ‘Misunderestimate’ the VRWC at your peril.

    I have to confess, it was a bloody good laugh. And Whale, who wins the T-Shirt? Please tell me you’re sending it Priority Courier to Paula Scholes or Brenda Pilott! :)

    • When i get some time tonight I will convene the executive and select a winner.

      • abjv

        Pity you can’t work out who put the HTML in there to redirect it to National’s home page. I thought about doing something like this (but to a porn site), but didn’t: (i) it was a lot more fun to watch it run and (ii) surely they wouldn’t be that stupid to not check the user input to see if it was tainted by code? Web programming 101.

        • sandynobb

          I think the PSA redirected traffic referred from here or Kiwiblog to the Nat’s website. Simple to do. Perhaps, the PSA were even blocking individual users’ IP addresses and redirected them: not trivial but not impossible – and sinister.

          Socialists hate free speech.

          • Mr. Infinity

            Social­ists hate free speech.

            The thing is that they do. Why the right has had to carry the load of being the side of the spectrum that censors for so long is beyond me…

  • Mr. Infinity

    A great victory for the VRWC.

  • wallyanchor

    Haha. That’s a win!

  • I was laughing until I cried last night with some of the comments. EPIC Win for the VRWC.

    • Quite so Frontrower. My wife kept looking sideways at me; wondering what I was reading that was creating such mirth. ‘Twas a great night!

  • Absolute genius. I see the left hand isn’t talking to the further-left hand. Mallard’s promo at RedAlert is still up, even though the subject of the promo is now down. Oh dear.

    • tooright

      Two points.

      Have we got someone clever able to relaunch the product but a little more customisable so we can keep the amusement levels up? Last night was too much.

      Gantt. I think it is evidence the left were typing with one hand as always.

      • gold. Except of course it was Mallard and not Jones.

      • I saved the HTML code used on the page for that purpose. Anyone much more clever at HTML than me who wants it please email me at [email protected] and I will supply.

  • Doug

    This from Facebook democratic union really.

    The PSA – Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi – is a democratic union 59,000+ members working in govt depts, local govt, the health sector, crown agencies, state-owned enterprises and community and govt-funded agencies.

  • liberty

    59,000+ Do what exactly ?

    A few would be needed for providing sanitation, defense, Police and very small admin.
    The rest fill in their day doing precisely what ?

    • Adding Value, Liberty. Being productive. Keeping the economy ticking along. They are the armies of the Inland Revenue, WINZ, Courts, the Human Rights Commission, the Ministries of Social Engineering, Womens Affairs, Mowree Affairs, Pacific Island Affairs, and all of the others listed here.

      • liberty

        The Gantt Guy April 9, 2011 at 9:16 am
        Adding Value, Lib­erty. Being pro­duc­tive. Keep­ing the econ­omy tick­ing along.

        You are taking the Mickey.

        are the armies of the Inland Rev­enue, WINZ, Courts, the Human Rights Com­mis­sion, the Min­istries of Social Engi­neer­ing, Wom­ens Affairs, Mowree Affairs, Pacific Island Affairs, and all of the oth­ers listed here.

        An army of parasites.

  • abjv

    The public service keeps the wheels of government running. They either deliver the services the Government pays for, or manage or monitor those that do. They are there to ensure that Government money is spent where it should be, and achieves the results intended. They provide non-political policy advice to the Government about how to best achieve the policy directives/outputs as outlined to them. They undertake tasks that legislation requires government bodies to undertake, such as under the OIA . Some of the public servants belong to to the union, which has a slightly different view of the role of a public servant.

    The wealthier the government and the country, the more tasks that can be afforded, the more “nice to haves” that can get funded, the larger the public service can potentially be, and the more members the PSA can potentially have. It is in their interests, and those of their members, that the government and country is as wealthy as human endeavour can possibly make it. The bigger the pie, the more people that can be fed…

    This is not compatible with a desire to retain every public sector job that could once be afforded (debatable) but cannot now, or where the spending is better carried out in different ways, or by someone else, or not at all. It is also not compatable with a desire to spend $ on every hair-brained scheme that comes up (particularly Phil’s promises from a month or two ago). I would put tupperwaka in the same category, and would have preferred AMI to simply have been nationalised and added to the Kiwibank business than the approach adopted, which essentially subsidises policy holders who bought cheap products that did not contain the appropriate reinsurance content.

  • andrewo

    For those with short memories, let’s not forget who stole Don Brash’s emails from his laptop.

    A theft which (conveniently) didn’t seem to receive much attention from the Police.

    • Remind me again who that was andrew, coz to my mind the person who had the most to gain from Brash being knifed is currently serving as the country’s Finance Minister.

      • mediatart

        You are on the money Gannt but look at who was Englishs protege and also system admin for nationals email server- Faffar

        • That’s a new low, even by your standards Tart. I hope you have a good defamation lawyer …

  • theflood