Helping Labour to help themselves

You may have noticed most Labour MPs and supporters are changing their avatars on Facebook and elsewhere to the ‘Stop Asset Sales‘ sign that Labous are hawking for $10 a pop.

This show just how broke Labour are. Andrew Little was more concerned with securing his high list spot than he was in raising cash and when he did knock on doors they remained firmly closed.

However labour seems to have just one idea and it appears they are in need of a helping hand. It’s an easy sign to replicate.  So in a bid to help Labour out with their campaign… attached are a few random thoughts… Feel free to contribute in the comments, and to take the images and change your avatar too.

Past it PolliesPast Asset SalesStale Labour AssesPast ItAll Top AssesLess Piss


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  • buffalobob

    “Less Penis Lollies”

  • whafe

    “Wide Open Asses” – Labour

  • Mr. Infinity


  • monty

    There just has to be these

    Self serving unionists
    A gaggle of gays
    Controlled from New York
    Spend and hope
    No fucking idea

  • muncha1

    I’d love a spend and Hope one.

  • Goff; troughing since 1981

    Promise and hope

  • thor42

    Lots of good suggestions in the above posts…… :)
    Labour are beyond help. ***Everything*** is against them, basically. It’s been a tough last couple of years, so people will think “well, would Liarbore have done any better?” Anyone except mediatart would say NO.
    Face it – the Nats have a reputation of being much more economically cautious than Labour. Remember Labour’s $600M+ train-set that “rich prick Cullen” foisted on us, just before the election? Remember the now-unbelievably-fucking-unaffordable “Working for Families” – yet another Labour bribe? Labour is KNOWN for throwing money around, not caring where it comes from.
    Labour is nothing but a bunch of self-serving opportunist troughers. They stand for anything and nothing, as the mood takes them. Anything that will get them votes, they’re for.
    The Nats will apparently be spending no new money in the Budget. At least they are ***up-front*** about that! At least they are not vote-grabbing.
    Labour had ***NINE F**KING LONG YEARS*** of opportunity to get the country on its feet. If nine years isn’t enough, then what is? They had their chance, and they blew it.
    The Nats haven’t even had three years yet, so people are still in “give them a fair go” mode, and probably will be for at least three **more** years.
    Nope – Labour are f**ked. This is going to be almost as good as 2008! Almost as good as seeing the Clark-beast kicked out.

  • grizz

    Labour, Just Stop!

  • Trevor Mallard

    Thanks for pushing the donations Whale. Boosted over last 80 min

    • thor42

      Donations aren’t what Labour needs. BRAINS are what Labour needs.
      You can have all the money in the world – it won’t make a blind bit of difference if you have a leader with the IQ of an amoeba.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Is anyone in Labour even aware of the irony of the original Rogernome being anti-asset sales?

    • titanuranus

      So Trev, once you have achieved your dream of getting the entire population of NZ on a benefit,where does the money come from?

  • The VRWC strikes again; why do the left keep up with these inane campaigns which are so easy to hijack?

  • Doug

    Does Trevor not understand we don’t have to pay Labour to create the sign?
    I thought he was an ex Teacher, there are ways and means to do things without paying Labour.

  • Doug

    I note no Parliamentary Crest at least we are not paying for it.