Helping Political Cripples

Caption Contest: Here is Act on Campus Peter McCaffrey pushing Darren Hughes in a wheelchair.


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  • titan

    He wasnt so crippled when he undressed and chased the naked 18 yr old at Annette Kings house, lol.

  • michaels

    Darren likes to cover his arse.

  • bearhunter

    “Hey Darren, let me push your stool in…”

  • meridian

    He’s more accustomed to giving rather than receiving . This is the result.

  • gazzaw

    Great to see someone getting behind Darren.

  • sassycassy

    Its a lame Act

  • mark72

    He’s legless

  • hagues

    Just too buggered to walk.

  • devlsadvocate

    Hmm… the “Swiss ball” thing has been explained to me, to my great dismay – dare I ask for an explanation for the wheelchair?

  • cinik

    Act is quick to get behind disabled Labour MP at his favorite hunting ground

  • bigkev

    ya need a wheelchair after a night of gay lovin ?

  • Doug

    Darren lining up for a Mobility Scoter race typical Lefty get someone else to do the work.

  • gaskranken

    Poo Pusher.

  • naylor

    Why I tried the superman position on the swiss ball is anyone’s guess, but there is always a “young” helper close by.

  • titan

    Sore arse, cant walk, after a gay night out.

  • Doc

    “So, Darren, you said something about drinks later…”