Here lies….

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Here is Andrew Little and Helen Kelly laying a wreath for Workers Memorial Day…it is however begging a caption contest.

Here lies….

Here Lies Helen Clark's Labour Party, murdered by Phil Goff

Here Lies Helen Clark's Labour Party, murdered by Phil Goff



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  • …a gaggle of gays, stabbed in the back by self-serving unionists

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      Better than being stabbed in the backside by a gaggle of gays I suppose….

  • whafe

    …. the DEAD Labour party, slayed by their own…..

  • …Damian O’Connor; there’s no room for honesty in the Labour Party

  • Helen Kelly: What’s that rumbling sound?

    Andrew Little: Mickey Savage turning in his grave!

    • buffalobob


  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Here Lies Phil Goff.

    Died in 2008, but it took 3 years for us to notice

  • angrywasp

    2, 14 & 75 Squadron RNZAF

    Proudly buried by the Labour Party
    13 December 2001

    The squadrons are survived by :
    Skyhawks & Aermacchis of no use to anyone,
    & 100s of good people who had to find other jobs

  • cadwallader

    Equality before the Law.

    Rendered comatose then destroyed by successive Labour and National Governments.

  • arnold

    Andrew, you did not have to steal one from the Anzac service, …now look , they have spotted you

  • alien

    you think they could have cremated Geoff and spread his ashes, then wouldn’t have to be seen here…bugger

  • Doc

    …Annette’s Swiss ball.

  • titan

    “Here lies the Labor Party, dies a painful death after being F*cked in the arse for 9 years, by its own gaggle of gay unionists”