How about a referendum Len?

During the election campaign Len Brown campaigned on maori seats for the council. He promised a referendum on the issue. He should honour that position.

Instead what he does is skulk behind closed doors doing deals in secret.

Labour supports Maori Seats in Auckland.

“Rodney Hide and the National-Maori Party Government set up this strange beast. They would be doing Aucklanders a great favour if they abolished the board and legislated for Maori seats,” Mr Twyford said.

Len Brown is Labour’s Mayor so why not trust in the people of Auckland to solve this problems. Hold a referendum and ask the people of Auckland whether or not they want Maori seats on the council. Honour your pledges and bring some integrity to your Mayoralty.


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  • honki

    Len Brown should be recalled – there is no excuse for this behaviour and I dont even live in Auckland! Typical smiley polly – gives you all you want to hear pre-election then stuffs it all up your arse after.

  • paulus12

    What do you expect from a socialist LIAR. Glad I no longer live in Auckland.

    I see today that it is announced that all former extraneous rates in Greater Auckland are to be amalgamated in the next rates advise.

    I am waiting to hear the screams from ratepayers in June when they receive their new rates DEMAND.

  • Perhaps next time the sheeple of Auckland will be so jaded by Looney Len’s nepotism and outright corruption, and the other team will put up a remotely electable candidate. Wouldn’t that be nice.

    Incidentally, never forget it could be much, much worse. The Clown (formerly) of Campbells Bay was also standing!