How is wearing a pink shirt going to stop bullying?

Sometimes I despair at the stupidity of our MPs. They are all running around doing photo opportunities wearing silly pink shirts because apparently Pink Shirt Day will stop bullies.

A punch in the chops is what stops bullies, or a Casey Heynes smack down, not wearing a gay coloured shirt.

What next? Painting gay utes pink to stop bullying?

Fossy's gay ute just got gayer

Wearing Pink Shirts to stop bullying is just gay. Why don’t run Punch a Bully in the Face Day to stop bullying? That’s work a whole lot better than prancing around in unmanly gay coloured shirts.


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  • Punch a bully in the face day, I like it!
    They don’t like it up them.

  • kevin

    Utes don’t come in ‘that colour’.. whoever made the decision to re-paint the vehicle is a vandal. Who paid for it?

    • hagues

      I’d imagine ‘photoshop’ paid for it.

      • mintles3

        candy foss !

  • michaels

    Punch a Trevor in the face day would be better :)

  • kevin

    But… maybe it is Great Wall (Chinese made) ute? If so, anything goes.

  • speters

    Never been entirely sure WHY pink is an unmanly or gay colour? I never see anyone telling gay people not to wear black or blue because they are manly or straight colours.

  • kevin

    Sure, but it’s a ute not an item of clothing… However, waayy back in the 70’s, Holden made a Torana XU1 (think Bathurst/triple carbs etc etc) it was available in pink. That colour was never offered again on Holden cars.