How much extra is Len going to borrow to fund dumb things like this?

Len Brown seems to have lost track on reality, and is pissing away ratepayers money on all sorts of bullshit. Representation is something only the left and the liberal elite go on about, and nobody else really wants.

When Len delivers on his promise of a referendum on Maori Seats for the Auckland Council he should also include a referendum on whether we need Local Boards. Cutting local boards would save untold millions, and the ratepayers of Auckland deserve the opportunity to vote on whether we need them or not.

Think of it this way Len, if you cut the local boards you would probably have a down payment on one of your rail projects. Obviously you would probably never use the railway except for a photo op, but this blog is confident you could force “other people” to use it.


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  • whafe

    Len Brown couldn’t lie straight in bed, is as bent as a rusty old hairpin…. In fact if bullshit was tar-seal he would have a 4 lane highway to the moon…..

    I said previously he wouldn’t last one term, I would almost go as far as saying he may not do the entire journey of one term.

    • What a wonderful turn of phrase whafe. I might steal the tarseal one.

      Agree with your comments, assuming the other team put up someone remotely electable. I’ve been trying to think of a single person who isn’t a total commie who could defeat him. Anyone have a list of names? I mean realistic ones; ones who can take away the ‘gimme’ vote from Mr Transparency.

  • reid

    Len Brown seems to have lost track on real­ity…

    Crikey Cam, you only just noticed?

    It’s a slo-mo train-wreck isn’t it, whenever a “compassionate” lefty gets their hands on the levers of power. Look at how Dick Hubbard got elected then proceeded to achieve nothing and degrade everything he touched. It’s like they’re completely mental. The only thing they seem ever to grasp, is the bleeding-heart aspect of any given situation and the practical aspects of getting something up and running and actually achieving something gets completely overlooked amongst the hurricane of weeping and wailing and teeth-gnashing over the desperate tragic humanity of it all.

  • peterwn

    Look on the bright side. Although there was some disappointment that Banksie did not win the Mayoralty, it was a blessing in disguise for the nats, to them, Len is a gift that keeps on giving.

    • Yep. Except of course that everyone, left right and confused, is so busy blaming Rodney for the cock-up they have no time to blame Looney Len.

  • whafe

    peterwn – Yep, Len Pinko keeps on giving to National….. But again it is the same as National having a piss weak opposition, this stops the Nats pulling finger…. The vast majority of Aucklanders are focussing on all the muck raking and BS in wider NZ politics and are forgetting what is happening to the greater Auckland area, Len Pinko is fucking this great city…

  • paulus12

    Roll on August when the first combined rates demands hit the streets.

    Electors will realise what they can come to expect.

    This year will be nothing compared to the 2012 rates and annually onwards.

  • gazzaw

    Comrade Len could never eliminate local boards – he owes too many favours to too many troughers.