How would she cope in a Natural Disaster

Earlier this year I interviewed Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of  Wellington. She impressed me as having high integrity, and unlike charlatans like Len Brown is willing to personally use bikes and public transport rather than insisting that other people use them.

Unfortunately for Celia losing your temper is never good for a politician, because it immediately begs the question how would they respond under real pressure.

How would she cope with an earthquake?


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  • deputy

    Thats what you get when the looney left compost munchers get into positions of authority well beyond their comfort zone.

    I admit that is a good look to be seen using public transport and riding bikes but its only smoke and mirrors. I suspect if faced with a real crisis it would be a gathering of ones hemp skirt and “heading for the hills” at a fast trot.

    Unfortunately she has demonstrated in public a total lack of understanding concerning what cool headed decisive leadership is all about. It is better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it.