I go chop your dollar

As predicted by The Whale:

He went to Zurich to negotiate a $135m loan from controversial lender Western Gulf Advisory with which to restructure his empire’s debts. But sources close to Mr Serepisos say the loan has not come through and he is pinning his hopes on closing a last-minute deal to buy more time.

Even if the Century City companies – Football, Investments, Developments, Hunter Street and Management – survive today’s hearing, Mr Serepisos’s troubles are far from over. He is also fighting attempts to collect more than $10m from him personally, some of it the subject of disputed bankruptcy proceedings.

Terry Serepisos has been stung. He is a Mugu.


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  • johnqpublic

    Looks like he’s pulled $4M out of his arse somehow this morning, Whale. What shits me is that most of that dough he owes IRD was never his in the first place. He was pilfering from his employees. That should be an offense in itself.

  • whafe

    Dodgy Mo Fo is the first thing that comes to mind when the name Terry Serepisos is mentioned….

    Ego is an odd thing really, with all this hanging over his head, he should not have fronted the pathetic NZ version of The Apprentice….. It has made all the shit stick even more….

    And it is sticking like shit to an army blanket at present….