I thought they were friends

What the hell is David Shearer doing posting this on his Facebook page?

David Shearer spikes his mate

Do you think it was just because he was mentioned?

David Shearer ambitious?  Never. Surely not?


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  • With friends like that, who’d need enemies?

  • gazman

    I see he has now removed it – the power of the RW blog!

  • alex Masterley

    And the power of Cacheing which means it will never be gone.

  • titan

    He hasnt got a clue as to what he is doing…. in fact they all havent got a clue what they are doing in the Labor Party.

  • deputy

    In the future when our past is researched, the year 2011 will be known as the period that Labour became extinct.

    Experts will possibly blame asteroids or plagues but we all know it was a wooden man known as Goof.