In-fighting already

The in-fighting in Labour has begun in earnest after the release of their lack-lustre list.

Labour MP Damien O’Connor has hit out at his party organisation, saying its candidates list was drawn up by “a gaggle of gays and self-serving unionists” who gave “straight shooters” little chance of success.

Damien O’Connor is a genuine good guy. He works hard for a Labour MP and certainly has a great chance of being the only Labour MP to take back a seat from National at the next election. Being frank and up-front about his views will only help that cause.

Mr O’Connor, the electorate candidate for the marginal West Coast-Tasman seat, said he withdrew from the party-list process before the final meeting.

“I wouldn’t trust them. Between a gaggle of gays and some self-serving unionists, I’m not sure that a straight shooter such as myself would be given a fair deal.”

A few others don’t seem to be getting a fair deal either.
What is clear from Labour’s list is that there is definitely no role for straight white males in the modern Labour party especially if they are rooters or even former rooters. Look at Stuart Nash’s listing, one of the stars of the new intake but downgraded below hacks and lackeys probably due to his past inveterate rooting and Iain Lees-Galloway is paying dearly for his stenographer rooting. The sisterhood frowns on this behaviour and they have long memories.

Stuart Nash hasn’t a prayer against Chris Tremain, he should really have a crack at Tukituki where a solid red blooded male will go well against a guy in a gay ute. I’d even think about helping him with his campaign there.

Phil Twyford, another straight white male who got slammed on the list. Phil Goff says:

people were chosen for their skills rather than backgrounds

What does that say about the skills of Phil Twyford then who hasn’t been wanted in 4 seats and now cops a demotion on the list? He isn’t from a union background and is straight and white….down the list you go fella. That is of course a lie because as Danyl at DimPost points out:

If I were leading a party that was seen as out of touch and unable to communicate with the public I’d try and talent-search my new MPs from somewhere other than my communications staff.

He is of course talking about the rapid rise of Deb Mahuta-Coyle.


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  • thecelestialgardener

    Nonsense Whaleoil.

    The Labour list demonstrates that Labour’s senior hierarchy have an excellent sense of humour, and self-deprecating humour at that.

    I certainly laughed out loud when I read their list for the first time.

  • Doug

    Is the Labour party now known as “Labour Party of bums”?

  • kevin

    At this stage Damien O’Connor must think he’s in the wrong party.

    • cadwallader

      Yeah! He’ll get the “bum’s rush”for his efforts too. It will stick it to Goof/Little etc if he wins West Coast.

  • abjv

    Dont rush in too fast. We haven ‘t seen National’s list yet (we haven’t even seen half their constituency candidates yet). National is faced with similar problems – interest groups from big business, interest groups from rural NZ, the need to keep the Maori party happy (where else are their coalition partners going to come from?) etc etc. They face a similar problem of a load of MPs past their sell-by date, with inflated views of where they should be on the list (and one of them is at #2). We’re going to hear just as much whinging from some of those MPs when their party’s list comes out.

    Regarding Damien, its now a case of what he has to do to win his seat. Clearly focussed now on what needs to be done, none of this ‘floating in on the list’ like 2-hats who can fail on the seat but at #15 has a good chance of being there anyway. And the stacking of the Labour regional committees as Damien claims? Half of it is Helen’s legacy, the rest is 2-hats’ power grab.

  • gaskranken

    “What the coasters like about Damien is what you see is what you get, he’s a bit rough around the edges.”

    His terminology was unfortunate and inaccurate.

    “I told him off for saying it,” Goff said.

    I wonder what it’s like to be told off by the Goff? I would have to try very hard not to laugh in his pathetic, gormless face myself.

  • titanuranus

    Oh no, the Gaybour party is in meltdown mode.

    • gaskranken

      Nice Titus, very nice. Gaybour – I like it.

  • dion

    > I’d even think about help­ing him with his cam­paign there.

    You could always help Mangrove out with some campaign slogans :)