It was a sticker I tell you

Really! It was just a sticker, a sticker I tell you!

Family members warned former senior public servant Sharon Armstrong not to go overseas to meet a mystery man.

But Ms Armstrong, the former deputy chief executive of the Maori Language Commission, ignored their concerns and flew to Argentina last week to pick up something for the man she’d met on an internet site.

Before she could meet him in London she was arrested on April 13, her birthday, at Buenos Aires airport with 5kg of cocaine in a suitcase.



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  • oswaldbastable

    With the humourless bastards in customs, such a sticker would no doubt get you the full rubber glove treatment…

  • mediatart

    We read today a ‘report’- obviously from the police, that she had four drivers licenses in her possesion.

    This is better than Desparate Housewives.

    Allready they are playing the ‘illness card’, the sympathy card, and hopefully the ‘get out jail’ card.
    My reading of this , is that this woman has been a con artist all her life. The journalists should be digging into her qualifications or lack thereof, as there have been quite a few ‘fakers ‘ exposed recently.
    No doubt the Argentine police will be getting all her travel records, perhaps she has been visiting a lot of ‘online boyfriends’ overseas.

    My only concern is the usual suspects will run TV stories about a ‘wronged woman’.
    One of the staples of 60 minutes , Sunday etc
    1) The Sick Child
    2) The wronged woman
    3)The male battler
    The usual ratio of stories with the above themes is 50: 40: 10
    Even better if its a woman wronged by the police, then it rates as good as a sick child

  • peterwn

    She was once a probation officer – some say that she would have been too street smart to have fallen for a con trick. Some say she thought she was ‘invincible’. With some, the attraction of $$$$$$ soon overshadows the prospect of spending years in a grotty jail or being blown sky high when the cooking goes wrong.

  • stevewrathall

    Regardless of whether she’s guilty or not, it is a scary thought that this level of judgement was in a powerful position, spending $$$$$ of my taxes.

  • Mr Blobby

    The NZ Taxpayer will probably pick up the tab for the accomplices to travel there so she will have someone to talk to in Maori. My guess is that more people around the world speak Klingon than te reo we could have saved hundreds of millions of dollars and adopted Klingon as our 2nd official language. Why did we need a 2nd official language?

    It would be easier to find a Spanish-Klingon Interpreter than a Spanish-Maori Interpreter.

    Guarantee that the Government is already getting pressure to intervene, dead keen to play all the usual sympathy cards, but not willing to talk about the need for multiple ID’s there is more to this story to come out yet. Wouldn’t mind guessing a lot of tax payer funded traveling.

    Not happy feeding of the public trough. This is what happens when greed takes over.

  • hard1

    Armstrong keeps up her winning streak by slurring the Argentinian Judiciary with an allegation of corruption , even before she appears in court . She is guilty of the stupidity of all drug mules , this one . Don’t drag the Whanau into this , dearie . Greed , whether bodily or monetary , got you into this . Get ready for a well deserved change in diet .

  • paulus12

    Shapelle Corby is innocent too !

    I understood that she was to collect some papers not a suitcase (of drugs).

  • mickrodge

    I dunno, Sharon Armstrong was a senior trougher under the Klark regime so making fair & responsible decisions that benefit the greater good are clearly not her strongest traits. She’s either gullible, greedy, stupid or a crook none of which are particularly glowing endorsements for the senior public servants of this country are they?