Jami-Lee Ross maiden speech

I flew to Wellington yesterday to hear Jami-Lee’s maiden speech. I am glad that I did, it was sensational. Cactus Kate will be most pleased.

Looking on from the public gallery it was hard to tell who was most proud. Maurice Williamson sitting beside him looking like a proud Dad, or Judith Collins sitting in the front bench turning around looking like a proud Mum.

One thing we know for sure, Jami-lee Ross is not a pinko. However it was a bit disappointing to see Jami-Lee forgot to mention crushing unions like Scott Walker.


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  • chimei

    A very good speech. Is it too early to tag him now as a potential leader for National (in about 15 years) ?

  • roger

    a new trougher SIGH

  • positan

    A damn good speech by any measure. Jami-Lee laid out his viewpoints and positions most steadfastly and uncompromisingly, exhibiting strong moral fibre and a considered intellect He covered every base that might have been expected, as well as many that would not.

    He came across as a most worthy addition to parliament, and I dare say he’ll only go from strength to strength in his electorate.

  • roger

    yep a maori representing chinese has a great future, till the chinese get a corrupt chinese back into the national party AGAIN.PS its hard to tell a corrupt national party member these days

  • whafe

    Have to say, a great speech….. Good to see some passion, next will come implementation. Which Jami-Lee the best of luck…

  • cadwallader

    Good start-up but will it last? I certainly hope so. Looking at the photo do you think he visits the same clinic as Plug?

  • mediatart

    JLR says this
    “She raised me in our small flat in South Auckland, where we lived from week to week as she looked after her own frail mother at the same time. ”

    Notice no mention of the taxpayer support to allow living ‘ week to week’.

    Of course once you have had the helping hand , like John Keys mother who had a state house and benefit to give Key a good start in life, the national party mantra is to pull up the ladder behind them. Yes Paula Bennett we are talking about you as well.

    • Fuck you are an evil bitch. Nowhere in his speech did he mention such a thing. This is a figment of your fevered pinko mind.

      • mediatart

        The quote was from faffar, and you are right whale no mention of being a ‘bene baby’. I merely made an educated guess. I could be wrong, his grandmother may well have worked and cared for her mother and her infant grandchild at the same time, as there is no tribute for grandad either.
        But overall a great example of triumph against adversity, a bit like Winston Peters upbringing

        • cadwallader

          How can you possibly compare the new guy to Peters the past master of moral decrepitude and troughing? In fact outside the Labour ranks it is hard to find anything comparable to Peters.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Perhaps his mother wasn’t a leech and didn’t take taxpayer support? Perhaps she worked in stead of sitting around on a benefit?

      I’m gonna ignore Roger’s trademark drunken stupidity.

      Great speech. He has some great potential in him. No better way to prove you’re no pinko socialist ass-wipe than by quoting Reagan.

  • gaskranken

    He’s down with his Nana, now the liberwal pinko panty waists won’t read too much into that will they.

    You should have told me you were in Wellers Cam I would have enjoyed doing some whale watching. I could have given you a guided tour through the tax payer/rate payer funded upgrade of the social housing estate.

  • cactuskate1

    The speech should just be passed around new National MPs and they can moderate their upbringing and that’s it. Was brilliant. More so that rather than harp on about his poor background like some other back benches in the party whose upbringings were positively middle class in comparison, he mentioned it then moved on.

  • whafe

    mediatart – you festering pinko oxygen thief. May you dry up like an old prune..

    • cadwallader

      It already has!

  • mediatart

    Lots more interesting stuff on JLR on wikipedia- which could be wrong. ?

    “He attended Dilworth School, a boarding school for pupils from difficult backgrounds, then Pakuranga College, but left without formal qualifications.”
    Thanks then to the Dilworth Trustees, not quite sure why he went on to Pakuranga College as Dilworth has a full secondary education

    “He has been studying towards a politics and economics degree at the University of Auckland.”
    Really !
    I would have thought following in Helens footsteps wasnt a career plus ?

    “Ross was elected to the Manukau City Council in 2004 aged 18 and worked as an electorate secretary in Pakuranga for Maurice Williamson.”

    Thanks again to the taxpayer funded employment, then again not usually a good career move for an aspiring nat pollie.

    Paula bennett had the same advantage , giving up her real job to work in McCullys electorate office before the last election and campaign in the waitakere electorate

    • Mr. Infinity

      ‘tart if you weren’t so dumb (which is a necessity for a leftie) you’d know that Dilworth is a private school funded by private charity not the government. And only an idiot fails to realise the drastic difference between welfare and charity.

      As for Ross studying economics, that’s not such a surprising thing for a conservative. Clark studied it, yes, but so do hundreds of kids around the country every year. Same for politics.

      Taxpayer funded employment? No-one’s saying the government should fund nothing, and it certainly should fund itself (within reason, Chris Carter).

      Did you forget your pills this morning? Or are you shacked up with Roger the retard and have taken a sip of his happy juice?

      • Mr. Infinity

        And for that matter, no-one, I repeat, NO-ONE thinks there should be no funding for education (so long as there is no “TERTIARY EDUCATION IS A RIGHT” bullshit, as it is not, it’s a privilege).

    • mediatart

      Of course I knew Dilworth is a private no fee paying school, thats why I said there should be thanks to the Dilwoth Trust which funds it.
      Mike Moore was also a Dilworth boy , who went into politics at a very early age!

      Luckily for JLR , being a national back bencher with nothing to do means he can continue his ‘part time ‘ study.

  • arnold

    wish he was my MP – i get the choice of plodda Dunne, gayboy charlie or Shankies-poney….it would be good to have an MP like Jamie down here in Churton park, we can certainly match the asian quota of his current seat.

    as for mediatart – you really do need to be taken up into the bush by a big maori fella and shown what life is really about, but based on your pinko views, you would probably prefer to spend a night with Helen or Mrs King

  • jmac

    My whole family voted for him in Botany. Glad to have a local MP I can support without hesitation. I hope more and more new MPs share his ideology, it would do the country good.